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Energy Solutions

Project solutions

The Energy Solutions team specialises in helping large commercial and industrial businesses decarbonise. Their focus is on end-to-end energy productivity solutions. They specialise in helping businesses reduce operating costs, generate revenue and to meet their commercial and sustainability goals. Find out more by visiting the Energy Solutions webpage.

Shell Energy specialises in on-site energy efficiency projects for large commercial and industrial businesses. This includes equipment upgrades and replacements, large-scale solar and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) installations (over 6 GWh), energy certificate generation from on-site electricity and electricity and gas efficiency projects.

Our gas efficiency team conducts site analysis to identify efficiency opportunities. These includes projects on both the dry and wet side of gas usage. Whether it's optimisation techniques, engineering and drawing work, project and contractor management, or measurement and verification, our project team has experience across the entire project lifecycles for gas efficiency. Find out more by visiting the Gas Efficiency webpage.

The team has technical expertise in compressed air/blowers function, boilers/steam/hot water systems, HVAC, lighting design and upgrades, commercial and industrial refrigeration, motors, pumps and variable speed drives, voltage optimisation, demand management (including flexible load management) and renewable energy commercial assessments. Find out more by visiting the Engineering and Project Delivery webpage.

Our energy engineers are trained in best practice energy measurement and verification methodology (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol). We can provide you with insights on each of the certificate markets and assist you to maximise value across the different schemes, including providing certificate creation services for many of the available schemes.

Certificates and funding

Yes, Shell Energy is an ACP.  As part of the Energy Saving Scheme, we support energy efficiency projects and certificate generation for refrigerated cabinets, liquid chilling cabinets, air conditioners, motors, gas boilers, water heaters, commercial lighting, whole-of-site energy efficiency projects, PIAM & V (all categories) and PIAM.