Generate new revenue for reducing your electricity usage

Shell Energy’s Demand Response program rewards your business for reducing the amount of electricity you take from the grid during peak demand periods. It’s an easy way to generate new revenue and help maintain grid reliability.

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We have paid our customers more than $8 million*

How Demand Response works

Wholesale Demand Response

Reduce your demand based on the wholesale electricity price - which fluctuates in response to supply and demand conditions - and benefit from lower electricity costs.

Emergency Demand Response

Get paid to keep the grid stable and avoid power outages by participating in our Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) program.

Network Demand Response

Lower your energy use during peak demand periods to reduce the strain on the electricity network and be rewarded for your participation.

Ancillary Services Demand Response

Get paid to reduce or increase your energy demand by providing Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) to help keep the grid operating at regulated levels.

The Shell Energy difference

  • Engineering

    Our team of experienced engineers work with customers to improve energy productivity at complex sites by delivering feasibility studies and implementing automation to help you better manage your electricity demand and respond to energy events.

  • Environmental certificate creation

    We have been creating environmental certificates for our customers for over a decade. Certificates can help you recover some of your energy project costs and meet your sustainability targets sooner.

  • Retail electricity pricing

    Shell Energy is Australia’s largest dedicated supplier of business electricity, which means we know how our customers consume energy. We apply this knowledge to optimise your business’s load for efficiency and commercial benefit.

  • Automation and controls

    For Demand Response, we work with leading controls and optimisation solution providers to automate and control your on-site energy consumption.

5-Minute Settlement

From October 1 2021, electricity spot prices will be settled every five minutes, instead of every 30 minutes. This will align the market price signals with the electricity network, which matches demand and supply every five minutes. Shell Energy’s Demand Response program and automation technologies can help customers quickly respond to the new 5-minute market.

HVAC machinery

HVAC LoadFlex

HVAC LoadFlex helps you reduce energy consumption, create additional revenue streams and improve performance and environmental outcomes without the need to resort to more costly energy-efficiency strategies, such as plant upgrades.

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*Since October 2013, Shell Energy has paid over $8 Million (excluding GST) in Demand Response related payments to our customers. This includes Demand Response related bill adjustments and direct payments to customers.

Start generating additional revenue with Demand Response