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Energy Plans and Pricing

Electricity and gas plans

To get a quote complete the online form here, call 13 23 76 or email [email protected]

Yes, you can get a combined electricity and gas quote. To get a quote complete the online form here, call 13 23 76 or email [email protected]

Our energy experts can provide a tailored quote for your large business. To get a quote complete the online form here, call 13 23 76 or email [email protected]

Solar and battery storage

For Shell Energy’s commercial and industrial solar solutions, click here.

Yes, you can get a combined electricity and PPA quote. To get a quote complete the online form here, call 13 23 76 or email [email protected]

Network charges and default rates (small business electricity)

You can find the small business default rates here.

Time of Use periods means the split between Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak times, which determine the rate you pay for your electricity depending on when you consume power throughout any given day. These times can vary depending on which state your site is located.

Peak times are when electricity costs are highest and usually apply in the evenings from Monday to Friday. Off-peak times are typically overnight and on weekends. Shoulder times may be either side of peak hours.

Time of Use period definitions for retail charges are set by your energy retailer and communicated when you sign up.

Network Time of Use is dependent on the tariff assigned by the distributor and are subject to change annually.

Network defined Time of Use periods can be found in each distributors current pricing proposal.

Speak to your account manager about whether you are eligible for a solar feed-in tariff. If applicable, solar feed-in tariffs are displayed on page 4 of your invoice, under Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI).

If you are an electricity customer, you can find your network charges detailed on your bill. Click here to view the relevant Bill Explainer.


GreenPower is a national, independent scheme that offers the only government accredited renewable energy in Australia. You can find more information here.

Yes. Shell Energy is one of the largest retailers of GreenPower in Australia.

Businesses can purchase GreenPower through their energy contracts. For more details contact your account manager or call 13 23 76.

Purchasing GreenPower is an easy way to meet and promote corporate emissions reduction and renewable energy targets. By purchasing 10% or more GreenPower in your energy contract, you can promote your sustainability credentials2. To find out more about GreenPower click here, contact your account manager or call 13 23 76.


You can talk to your Shell Energy account manager or go to the GreenPower website at

Gas plan information

Yes. Currently we are unable to price or serve any customer that does not have an interval meter. This allows Shell Energy to ensure accurate billing and to provide clear detail on hourly or daily consumption.

Yes, you can. Please contact your account manager if this is required. PO numbers appear on Pages 3-4 of our invoices.

Network and transmission charges are passed through at cost by Shell Energy reflective of your tariff. Shell Energy can estimate these costs at your request.

Shell Energy passes through transmission, distribution, market and ancillary charges levied by the relevant network provider or market operator as a pass-through cost.

Transmission charges (if the site is located in Victoria)
Anytime volume - usage for the period calculated against the network’s transmission rates
Peak injection - peak injection amount calculated against the network’s injection rates
Cross system charges – applicable depending on site location.

If the site is located in NSW, QLD or SA, Shell Energy will recover the Transmission Costs under a Fixed Daily Charge that is agreed in the contract.

Distribution charges
- Demand/Volume Charges – typically based on MHQ, MDQ or total volume used within a period.
- The Operation and Maintenance (O&M) charge – typically a flat rate that the network charges for the interval meters.

Market charges
- AEMO market charges calculated against your consumption for the period. These charges vary depending on the State the site is located in.

Yes, billing emails can be sent separately to multiple contacts but cannot be sent as a group email. If you have opted for your bill to be emailed to more than one contact, but a contact doesn’t receive the email, please contact your dedicated account manager.

Gas contracts do not include a roll-in roll-out provision. If you have an additional site, please reach out to your account manager for assistance. If your site is under contract and you are moving out, novation, transfer of agreement or termination fees may apply.

If you withdraw gas at a delivery point in excess of your ACQ during a relevant term, you will be charged an additional market price per GJ for the consumption above ACQ. This price will be determined based on the market price at the trading hub or market operated under gas laws, and relevant supply at the delivery point plus a fee for the excess volume.

It is your responsibility to contact your account manager if the gas usage changes or is expected to change drastically. Your account manager will be able to discuss options with you.

Take or Pay is represented as a special condition on Shell Energy contracts. The ToP percentage is multiplied by the sum of the Annual Contract Quantity (ACQ) at each deliver point under your agreement. That is the minimum volume of gas that you will have to pay for under the contract, even if you don’t actually use that volume of gas.


The ToP percentage is 80% and the ACQ is 200,000GJ. In an event that only 150,000GJ is consumed throughout the annual contract lifecycle, a liability of 10,000GJ remains for payment (i.e. 80% x 200,000GJ – 150,000GJ)

MDQ is the maximum amount of gas you can consume at your delivery point per day without incurring additional charges.


If the MDQ is listed at 15GJ and 18GJ is used on a day, 3GJ will incur the contracted $/GJ rate plus the contracted overrun charge $/GJ that is listed in the contract.

It is important that you monitor the daily MDQ and ensure gas usage is aligned with the contract to avoid unnecessary price shocks. Please contact your account manager should you wish to review your MDQ.