Battery technology for your business

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) allow your business to improve its energy productivity, unlock revenue from various market schemes and deliver on its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments.

BESS have a critical role to play in transitioning to and managing risk in a lower carbon energy future.

The Shell Energy team can analyse your business’s energy costs and load profile and provide expert guidance on the best BESS option to maximise return on capital.

Enabling the net zero transition

Battery technology helps to firm up energy supply when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, adding important reliability to a decarbonising electricity grid.

In Australia’s journey to net zero, these capacity building or firming assets will be critical to keeping the lights on.

Benefits of BESS for your business

  • Wholesale Demand Response

    The WDR mechanism is a government initiative aiming to ensure stable energy supply during peak demand periods. Energy retailers are one of the participants in the WDR mechanism and can offer your business payments or reduce your energy bill for participating in the program.

    Under this program your business may be eligible for payments and reduce its energy bill by switching to on-site generation, which can include utilising BESS for generation, during a peak demand event.

  • Reliability and Energy Reserve Trader and Frequency Control Ancillary Services

    RERT and FCAS are mechanisms used by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to maintain electricity supply and power system reliability. Under these programs your business may be asked to reduce its consumption from the grid through activities such as switching to energy stored in your BESS during peak grid demand periods, or rapidly dispatching power to the grid during a frequency deviation, to ensure its safe operation. In return, your business may be eligible for payments for participation in these programs.

  • Demand charge management

    A BESS on your site can reduce your network demand charges by operating during peak tariff periods to manage consumption from the grid so that demand thresholds are not exceeded.

  • Retail arbitrage

    Low-cost energy can be used to charge your BESS when prices are low and deploy the BESS when energy prices are high.

  • Load shifting and shaping

    As renewable energy generation increases in the National Electricity Market, daily peak demand from consumers may not coincide with the daily peak production from energy sources like wind and solar farms. This may create challenges for reliability of the electricity grid and result in increased electricity spot prices during periods of high demand.

    This unbalance may require conventional sources like coal and gas generators to kick in and provide energy and grid services if they are available and it is economic for them to operate. However, BESS can store energy during periods of high renewable energy production and discharge during critical peak periods when there is less generation available from wind and solar farms. This may result in lower prices at peak times.

The power of BESS and solar

BESS help optimise the value of the power generated from your business’s on-site solar system, allowing you to balance energy production and consumption between day and night. Energy generated can be stored for later use or dispatched into the market to earn your business additional revenue.

Secure environmental certificates for your business

Adding a BESS to your on-site solar system can help your business achieve its emissions goals. Environmental certificates are available for every megawatt hour of renewable energy either generated or displaced by your solar system and BESS.

Our BESS expertise

Shell Energy is committed to delivering innovative BESS solutions that bring investment and contribute to a lower-carbon and more resilient power system. Speak to our energy solutions experts to learn more about our portfolio of battery projects and the products and services that can help your business decarbonise and meet emissions reduction goals.

Chirnside Park Shopping Centre

Shell Energy is excited to partner with The GPT Group to deliver innovative energy solutions that reduce carbon emissions.

Chirnside Park Shopping Centre is now proudly powered by a 2MWh battery and 650kW solar array, supported by our demand response program, which is working to supply up to 70% of electricity during peak energy demand periods, enough to power 350 homes. The project is part of GPT’s Energy Master Plan to reach net-zero across their managed assets by 2024.

Read more about the project

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