Smart Energy Hubs

Smart Energy Hubs integrate and optimise energy supply, generation, energy management and demand flexibility to meet your business objectives.

Rather than implementing discrete energy projects over time, Smart Energy Hubs optimise the entire energy ecology of your business, combining the right mix of solutions for more significant energy efficiency gains and greater reduction of emissions and costs.

  • Optimisation and automation of energy-intensive equipment

  • Installation or optimisation of solar PV systems

  • Battery energy storage solutions and utilisation of thermal storage capability

  • Automated demand response capabilities

  • Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development

  • Energy certificates creation to reduce project costs

How Smart Energy Hubs work

Each of these solutions are integrated and optimised to maximise value through our hardware and software solutions.

The below diagram shows how Smart Energy Hubs come to life, from grid electricity supply to behind-the-meter solutions and market opportunities.

Shell Energy’s Smart Energy Hubs are an integrated solution that makes strategic sense for commercial and industrial customers.

They can help lower the cost of your business energy and achieve financial, environmental and emissions objectives.

Our energy solutions expertise

Shell Energy is committed to delivering innovative energy solutions that contribute to a lower-carbon, more resilient power system. Speak to our energy solutions experts to learn more about our portfolio of projects and the products and services that can help your business.

Smart Energy Hubs in action

Shell Energy working with ARENA

Shell Energy is proud to work with ARENA on a new initiative to unlock flexible demand at 40 commercial and industrial customer sites in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The ARENA-funded project, known as ‘Commercialising Smart Energy Hubs’, involves a whole-of-site solution that optimises the energy ecosystem including; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, electric vehicle (EV) charging control, and onsite solar PV and storage.

Shell Energy’s project will recruit shopping centres, supermarkets and a refrigeration distribution centre across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to demonstrate flexible demand of 21.5 MW.

Read the full ARENA media release

Chirnside Shopping Centre

In 2022 Shell Energy partnered with GPT Group to launch the Chirnside Park Shopping Centre Smart Energy Hub. The asset includes a 2 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery coupled with a 650 kilowatt (kW) solar array, in addition to a flexible energy consumption program called HVAC Loadflex to enhance the stability of the electricity grid during times of energy supply constraints.

Read more about the Chirnside Park Shopping Centre Smart Energy Hub.

Smart Energy Hub benefits

  • Provides a clear implementation plan to help your company achieve its net-zero targets

  • Optimises your assets to set your company up for cost savings

  • Leverages the energy potential of your site and ensures optimal performance