We are Shell Energy

We deliver business energy solutions and innovation across a portfolio of electricity, gas, environmental products and energy productivity for commercial and industrial customers, while our residential energy retailing business Powershop, acquired in 2022, serves more than 185,000 households and small business customers in Australia.

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Our story

Electricity is the fastest-growing part of the energy system and, when generated from renewable sources, has an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Shell Energy offers energy management solutions and innovation across a portfolio of electricity, gas, environmental products and energy productivity to commercial and industrial businesses, helping them to thrive through the energy transition.

A trusted partner to businesses reliant on energy to fuel their success, we deliver integrated solutions and market-leading customer satisfaction, built on industry expertise and personalised relationships.

As the second largest electricity provider to commercial and industrial businesses in Australia1, Shell Energy offers integrated solutions and market-leading2 customer satisfaction, built on industry expertise and personalised relationships.

The company’s generation assets include 662 megawatts of gas-fired peaking power stations in Western Australia and Queensland, supporting the transition to renewables, and the 120 megawatt Gangarri solar energy development in Queensland.

In February 2022, Shell Energy Operations completed the acquisition of Powershop Australia, an online energy retailer serving more than 185,000 customers.

The Powershop acquisition complements Shell’s existing Australian investments in zero and low-carbon assets and technologies. It will form the basis to offer innovative products and services to meet evolving customer needs for low-carbon and smarter energy solutions, such as e-mobility and battery storage.

Building a better energy future together

Great people powering progress

It starts from within. We employ great people who come to work with a sense of purpose, knowing they’re helping shape a better energy future. We foster a culture of care and curiosity, where people are encouraged to challenge each other, learn from each other and think creatively to solve complex problems. We operate with three core values – honesty, integrity and respect – setting a standard for dependability that people can always count on.

Solar panels in a regional area

Navigating the energy transition

More and more, our customers are seeking low-carbon and smarter energy solutions to drive their growth and achieve their sustainability goals. And we are committed to helping them navigate the complex energy environment, designing innovative energy solutions for their businesses.

We’ve got what it takes

We have been rated Number One in customer satisfaction by commercial and industrial customers for the past eleven years running, as measured by the Utility Market Intelligence Survey1, and with 99.34%3 billing accuracy, we know Shell Energy has what it takes to deliver great service.

Acting safely and responsibly

Shell Energy has an uncompromising approach to safety. We are committed to operating responsibly and safely, in a way that prevents harm to our people, customers, suppliers, partners, communities and the environment.

Our people

Get to know our people
Shell Energy employees in the trading area, Shell Head Office in Brisbane, Australia

Our customers

Our products and services

Industrial Plant

Electricity Retailing

Our electricity contracts include competitively-priced fixed price and progressive purchasing options that help our customers manage their exposure to wholesale energy market volatility.

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Crown Engineering

Gas Retailing

We provide gas retailing services to large commercial and industrial customers in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, with contract structures tailored to their needs. This service combines our expertise in service delivery with our proven gas capability. Our wholesale gas business has gas supply and trading solutions for very large gas users and electricity generators.

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Men with hard hats staring at the horizon

Energy Solutions

Shell Energy offers a wide range of energy productivity solutions to help businesses manage their energy consumption, costs and emissions. These include data-led energy management plans and emission reduction roadmaps, innovative energy tracking and measurement solutions, specialist energy engineering and demand response programs.

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Aerial view of green forest

Green Products

We offer a range of green options to offset electricity usage and other carbon emissions and help businesses achieve their energy goals sooner. The offsetting of consumption with renewable energy is through schemes such as the GreenPower program, environmental certificate creation and procurement and customised power purchase agreements.

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Reception foyer at Shell's head office in Brisbane

Diversity and inclusion

Shell Energy Employees, Brisbane Australia

Community and partnership

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate. Our programs are driven by the interests and passions of our staff and customers, and we support a range of initiatives and charities around Australia that help make a difference to society.

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A woman holding a piece of paper and pen

Privacy and policy reporting

The privacy and protection of sensitive data is more important than ever. We are committed to protecting the personal information we collect from you in accordance with privacy laws.

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1 By load, based on Shell Energy analysis of publicly available data.

2 Utility Market Intelligence (UMI) survey of large commercial and industrial electricity customers of major electricity retailers, including ERM Power (now known as Shell Energy) by independent research company NTF Group in 2011-2021.

3 Based on Shell Energy’s quarterly review of billing accuracy for commercial and industrial and multi-site SME electricity customers.