Engineering solutions for better energy performance

Take control of your energy performance with the help of an energy partner that understands your business.

Informed by your detailed energy data, we use advanced analytics, valuable market data and our engineering and project delivery capabilities to create a comprehensive assessment of your energy opportunities and how they should be delivered.

Our expert energy efficiency engineers work with you to design the right solutions to help you optimise efficiencies, drive cost savings, improve energy productivity and deliver on your environmental commitments.

We have expertise in a range of technical areas:

    • compressed air/blowers
    • boilers/steam/hot water
    • heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
    • commercial and industrial refrigeration
    • lighting design and upgrades
    • motors, pumps and variable speed drives
    • power factor correction (PFC)
    • voltage optimisation
    • battery energy storage systems (BESS)
    • demand management, including LoadFlex
    • renewable energy commercial assessments

Why choose Shell Energy?

    • Reduce your energy bills and improve your energy productivity
    • Make your energy consumption more efficient and maximise the return on your investments by optimising existing equipment and automating processes
    • Better utilise and optimise energy usage through fuel switching, including electrification
    • Generate revenue, or lower your costs, by employing demand management, load shifting and load flexibility
    • Reduce price exposure through innovative contracting options
    • Deliver on your renewables and/or emissions targets with customised energy solutions
    • Work with a team of trusted energy experts

Solution design and project delivery

Put your energy needs in the hands of our expert engineers to optimise your energy usage and navigate the complex energy environment.

We use sophisticated data design and analysis, audits, modelling and benchmarking to design your engineering and project delivery solutions.

From automation and equipment optimisation to technical energy roadmaps, we identify and advise you on the right mix of solutions that align with your commercial objectives, technical requirements and energy ambitions.

Our solutions are holistic. We have the proven project management expertise, underpinned by our strong supply chain relationships and global purchasing power, to deliver your project on time and on budget. Our specialities include sub-metering, solar, lighting, compressed air, boiler and burner efficiency and other optimisations. We can also facilitate your demand response initiatives and energy storage solutions, including batteries.

Measure and verify your energy savings

By measuring and verifying your energy savings, you can validate your business case, further fine-tune your operations and identify more opportunities to improve your energy savings.

We use a robust methodology, conducted in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). This involves establishing a baseline of your energy use, collecting and analysing your data, designing and delivering energy savings solutions, and verifying your energy savings post-implementation.

What’s more, we can measure and verify your energy performance so you can create energy efficiency or carbon abatement certificates to offset the costs of your project.

Learn more about certificates

Accelerate your energy performance

We offer our large customers a full-service solution to help you accelerate your energy performance.

Delivered by engineers and backed by powerful energy software, our Energy Management Centre (EMC) service will help you deliver on your energy goals.

With our EMC solution, you’ll benefit from having an energy engineer assigned to your account. They will work alongside your team, monitoring, tracking and analysing your data, reporting on your performance, locating and solving issues, and finding proven solutions to guide your investments and accelerate your performance.

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Energy and emissions reduction roadmaps

Find out how our engineering and project delivery services can help.