Steps to better energy management

Quality sub-metering and data solutions can help you uncover efficiencies, unlock cost savings and reach your energy and emissions goals sooner.

Step one is having the right sub-meters in the right locations on your property. Talk to Shell Energy about the benefits of sub-meters, which through access to your granular data, can give you the very best insights into your energy usage.

Step two is having advanced capabilities to understand your data. At Shell Energy, our energy experts analyse your electricity, gas and behind-the-meter energy data. We’ll find ways to help you get the best return on your investments, lower your costs and emissions, and make your operations more efficient.

Manage your risks with real data

Businesses run the risk of energy bill shock and costly, unsuccessful investment decisions if they don’t have access to the right data and valuable insights.

It’s important to understand where and when your energy is consumed and to quickly identify and respond to issues that arise. This can help you avoid unplanned cost increases on your next energy bill.

Your data is also critical to making the right investment decisions for your business. With many businesses forging ahead with plans to lower their carbon emissions and make their energy more productive, your real data and reliable insights will help you prioritise your investments and inform your business case. Wrong investment decisions are not only costly but may cause your business to question its energy ambitions and delay or avoid future investments that can create value.

Benefits of our metering and data solutions

  • Gain better insights into where energy is being used
  • Have greater transparency of your energy costs at the sub-system level
  • Use your own business data to inform your investments
  • Improve your understanding of the energy intensity of different products and systems
  • Improve energy literacy to empower your staff to make better energy decisions

Using data to map your energy for today and tomorrow

Your data holds the answers to better energy performance for today and the future.

Today, our energy engineers will design your metering and data to leverage existing metering infrastructure and fill in any coverage gaps.

Informed by your own energy data, we will then map out the right combination of technical solutions. From control and automation to energy efficient equipment, and from load shifting to fuel switching, we select proven technologies. Our engineers work with you to apply the right solutions that will help you achieve your desired energy and commercial outcomes.

Beyond today, we can use your data to inform a strategic energy roadmap, helping you advance your long-term energy and business ambitions. Your roadmap will marry technical solutions with strategic investments in new technologies. It will set out your transition to the right energy mix for your business and will help you meet your environmental responsibilities and goals.

At Shell Energy, we have the energy expertise you can rely on for excellence in metering and data.

Full-service solution to accelerate your performance

Accessing your data is important but understanding your data and knowing what to do next is what really matters.

This is why we offer a full-service energy solution for our large commercial and industrial customers.

A Shell Energy engineer will work alongside your team to understand your business and energy goals and deliver tailored advice and solutions that make sense for your business. This engineer will be hands-on monitoring, tracking and analysing your data, reporting on your performance, locating and solving issues, and finding the right, proven solutions to guide your investments and accelerate your energy performance.

Our Energy Management Centre (EMC) service, delivered by engineers and backed by our best-in-class energy software, will help you meet your energy goals.

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