An investment in renewable energy

Solar energy can reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions, and help you meet your renewable energy goals.

It’s an investment that will deliver results for years to come, which is why it’s important to partner with a provider that offers quality and value.

Benefits of solar energy

Choosing the right solar solution for your business

A time-lapse video of the solar installation at Chirnside Park Shopping Centre.

Some options for unlocking solar at your site

Wind Turbines

Accessing renewable energy with a solar PPA

A solar project can be funded by Shell Energy under a behind-the-meter Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

There is no upfront payment for project development and delivery, and Shell Energy is responsible for asset performance and maintenance for the life of the agreement. This allows your business to secure low-cost electricity, claim significant emissions reductions and meet renewable energy targets.

Offsetting the costs of your solar project

Investing in a new solar project could be made easier with environmental certificates. These certificates, issued under government schemes, reward energy savings or emission reductions resulting from an energy project and can help make your investment more affordable.

Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) and Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are schemes specific to the installation of renewable energy systems. Your solar project may be eligible to create these environmental certificates to recover some of the cost.

Find out more about the environmental certificate schemes1 available to your business and how Shell Energy can help.

Renewable Energy for Tenants

Shell Energy’s Renewable Energy for Tenants is designed to enable customers to benefit from low-cost renewable energy without having to invest in, own, or maintain a solar system.

It is a solution that empowers tenants to achieve their sustainability targets while maintaining control over their energy expenses by providing customers with access to on-site solar power without any upfront cost.

Find out more about Renewable Energy for Tenants here.

Shell Energy Account Manager, Glen Cooney

Funding your solar project with on-bill financing

Shell Energy has financing options available to help get your solar project underway faster.

Ask about on-bill financing by talking with one of our energy experts.

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Tracking and monitoring your solar energy generation

Shell Energy offers advanced software for solar monitoring and tracking, with verification capability. Our solar tracking solution gives you access to your data via a web-based portal. You can monitor system performance metrics and track return on investment in a simple, yet powerful, interface.

Benefits of our solar energy tracking solution:

  • View and download your solar and main meter electricity data
  • Visualise flows to understand where electricity is sourced, consumed and fed back to the grid
  • Monitor solar energy generation against weather-adjusted model targets
  • Track return on investment and total emissions reduction

A credible, long-term solar partner you can trust

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