Your engineer-led, technology-backed solution

Benefit from a Shell Energy engineer assigned to your account, backed by our best-in-class software, to help you drive process efficiencies, maximise the value of your investments and reach your energy goals sooner.

Accelerate your performance with the EMC

Energy is a cost of doing business. With the Energy Management Centre, you can find efficiency improvements and make your energy more productive, driving down your energy costs and maximising the return on your investments. 

And with the EMC solution, you will be fully supported by a Shell Energy engineer, assigned to your business. Our expert engineer will regularly monitor, analyse and report on your energy performance, find and solve problems alongside your team, and design the right technical solutions for your business.  

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Work with an energy engineer who understands your business

From the design of your energy management system and robust monitoring, analysis and reporting, to technical problem-solving and regular site visits, one of our experienced engineers will be your hands-on energy partner who understands your business and works with you to accelerate your energy performance.

Our engineer will work alongside your team to address performance issues, design and implement proven technical solutions and build the energy literacy and capabilities of your staff.

This engineer will be your access point to our skilled teams of energy market and retail experts. These teams can add further value by advising you on the right mix of solutions for your business, including decarbonisation strategies, financing options, demand response opportunities, carbon offsets, and more.

  • Establish energy baseline to measure success

    Establishing an energy baseline is essential for tracking your progress and measuring the success of your energy projects. The EMC lets you track progress against your business-relevant KPIs, and more.

  • Make informed investment decisions

    The energy usage data visible through the EMC can help you prioritise your investments and develop robust investment business cases for your energy projects.

  • Manage energy budgets

    Energy cost increases can directly impact your bottom line. The EMC helps you monitor your budget and provides insight into energy market trends that can help you manage your exposure to energy price fluctuations and better manage your energy budget.

  • Find energy savings

    Get clear, granular information on where and how your energy is being consumed so you can make better energy decisions. This detailed information can help you identify energy saving options and reduce your costs.

  • Track your return on investment

    The EMC can track your energy projects and KPIs to help you achieve your desired return on investment. By verifying immediate project outcomes and continually tracking energy metrics, you ensure your projects continue to deliver their expected outcomes.

  • Troubleshoot issues

    Troubleshoot issues quickly and avoid energy bill shock. The EMC provides visibility of your energy usage patterns so you can spot and rectify issues as they arise. These problems could result in significant costs to your business if not resolved.

Features of the EMC software

    • Identify and track the energy savings of your projects
    • Integrate production data to provide energy usage in context to your operations
    • Analyse data in up to 1-minute increments
    • Access and report on data from equipment level through to entire portfolio
    • Customise and schedule reports
    • Receive alerts on energy issues you want to know about (e.g. energy usage anomalies and critical cost events)
    • Manually upload your billing data into EMC
    • Import data from a range of data source types (e.g. compressed air, gas, electricity, solar, SCADA, water, wastewater)
    • Normalise energy data against local weather conditions
People installing solar panels on a rooftop

Solar monitoring and tracking

We offer advanced solar monitoring and tracking capability within the EMC. The EMC helps you visualise flows to understand where energy is sourced, consumed and fed back to the grid. It also tracks your solar energy generation against modelled targets, assesses the return on your investment, reports on emissions reduction and tracks the performance of your panels and inverters so you can plan for future maintenance.

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