Small multi-site customer support

Our account management team and sales administration team work together to support our small multi-site customers, helping you to manage your account and business energy needs.

Your dedicated account manager will regularly monitor your account and share any relevant information with you. Your account manager is available to answer any of your energy, billing, and account questions, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

Further information you need to know, relevant forms and contact details are provided below.

Before your contract start date, we will need safe and easy access to your sites to read your meters. It’s important to advise us as soon as possible if there are any known issues with accessing your meters. If there is a failed reading of a meter for the initial transfer, we will advise you and seek your assistance to resolve the issue.


Information in the section below, including request forms and process documents, will assist you in managing your sites and in helping answers any queries you have about your contract, billing and payments.

Please include your account number in the email subject line when submitting these forms so they can be processed efficiently.

Meter exchange is required when a meter on-site needs to be upgraded from a manually read (Basic or MRIM) meter to a COMMS remotely read meter. This is likely either due to non-compliance of the existing meter installation, fault, increased load or simply to perform a technical upgrade.

For more information regarding this process and some FAQs, view our Meter Churn Process (Basic to COMMS) document.

Note: ACT, NSW, Qld, SA & Tasmania only (For Victorian customers, please speak to your account manager if upgrades are required and we will be happy to assist you with this process.)


Roll-In, or addition of a new site, is required when an existing National Meter Identifier (NMI) is to be added to your contract. The meter may already be active or need to be re-energised.


Should you need to abolish a site, your meter will need to be permanently removed. If power is required at the site in the future, you will need to apply for a new NMI and a new meter will need to be installed.


When you open a new site, a new connection/NMI is required, and a new meter must be installed.

Please speak to your electrician or visit your local network’s website to ensure any preliminary forms are prepared.


You may wish to close your account when you vacate a site. At this time, we will raise a disconnection request. If power is still required, the new account holder will need to arrange an account with an electricity retailer.


You may need to move your connection to the network if you are making changes at your premises, such as installing solar or if you need to upgrade your power supply.

The best place to start is to talk to an electrical contractor, who will complete the work needed at the property. Your electrical contractor can provide technical information about the changes you need to make to your existing connection and can also submit a request on your behalf to the distributor if required.

In some instances, a retailer service order is also required. If this is the case, complete the below form and return it to us so we can process your request.


For billing enquiries, please contact our Operations team on 13 23 76 or [email protected] in the first instance. If you require any further assistance you can always contact your account manager directly.

For any enquiries regarding your current contract, rates, or renewals, please contact your account manager or [email protected].


Contact our credit department via [email protected] for enquiries regarding:

  • Payment
  • Direct debit
  • Remittances

If you require any further assistance contact your account manager directly or email [email protected].