Intelligent optimisation for your chiller plant

In commercial buildings, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) electricity consumption can typically account for around 40 per cent of total building energy consumption1.

Shell Energy’s HVAC LoadFlex program makes it possible to achieve reductions in energy use, create additional revenue streams and improve performance and environmental outcomes, often without the need to resort to more costly energy-efficiency strategies, such as plant upgrades.

The program is designed to:

    • Reduce the total amount of energy used
    • Always manage your electricity consumption, especially when prices are volatile
    • Actively limit maximum electricity demand and reduce network charges
    • Lower emissions and improve building environmental performance
    • Deliver a short, simple payback

Who can take advantage of HVAC LoadFlex?

Our solution is ideal for any Shell Energy customer with a large central chiller plant and a minimum electricity usage of 1 gigawatt hour (GWh) per annum.

If you’re not currently a Shell Energy customer, talk to us about undertaking a feasibility assessment to understand how HVAC LoadFlex may be able to assist when it’s time to re-contract.

We are perfectly positioned to deliver this unique solution

Demand Response

Reduce your energy use, lower your operating costs, create additional revenue and improve environmental performance.

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1 I am your optimisation guide – heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Government.