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Australia’s environmental certificate schemes can be challenging to navigate. At Shell Energy, we can advise you on how to find energy savings by accessing the right schemes for your business.

Australian Environmental Certificate Schemes

  • Accredited providers, expert advice

    Shell Energy is an accredited certificate creator under the Federal, NSW and Victorian government schemes. Our energy engineers are trained in world’s best practice energy measurement and verification methodology (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol). We can provide you with insights on each of the certificate markets and assist you to maximise value across the different schemes.

  • Measurable and verified results

    For some schemes, energy savings or abatement must be measured by an independent advisor and this complex process is then subject to an independent audit. It is important to have an energy expert onboard early as your energy baseline may need to be measured before you start your project.

NSW Energy Savings Certificates

We create NSW Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) and have helped our customers generate more than $50 million in certificate income since 2009.

We specialise in creating ESCs under the Project Impact Assessment with Measurement & Verification methodology for large energy users and have extensive experience across a range of electrical and gas efficiency projects.

Shell Energy is accredited to create ESCs from the following project types:

    • Natural gas, steam and electrification of hot water systems
    • Whole-of-site improvements using metered baseline approach
    • Compressed air optimisation
    • Refrigeration projects
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) / chiller upgrades
    • Lighting projects
    • Variable speed drives, fans and motors
    • Information technology and data centre management
    • Transformer upgrades or replacements
    • Voltage optimisation

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates

At Shell Energy, we offer a full Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) creation service for a wide range of business energy efficiency projects undertaken in the commercial and industrial sectors in Victoria. Our streamlined certificate creation process minimises the time and paperwork required and returns certificate revenue to you sooner. We are certified to create VEECs for project-based activities, including gas burner replacements and steam efficiency; lighting; motors; refrigerated cabinets; and refrigeration fans.

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are a recognised mechanism for investing in projects that contribute to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We source credits from a mixed portfolio of Australian and carefully chosen international carbon credits so that we can supply you with a range of solutions to support your decarbonisation journey.

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Small-scale technology certificates

If you invest in a small-scale renewable energy system, you may be eligible to recover some of the cost through small-scale technology certificates (STCs). Small-scale systems include solar panels, solar water heaters, small-scale wind and hydro systems, and air source heat pumps. STCs are provided up front for the renewable energy you expect to produce, from the year you install your system, until the scheme ends in 2030. STCs have financial value and can be used to reduce the cost of your project, including by assigning the rights in them to your installer to offset the cost of your project.

People installing solar panels on a rooftop

Large-scale generation certificates

Larger renewable energy projects can create large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) from the energy they generate, which can be used by the owner or a retailer to meet renewable energy target obligations. Like STCs, LGCs have financial value and can be sold or traded to reduce project costs. They can also be surrendered to help companies meet their emissions reduction targets. Large-scale renewable energy systems include large commercial solar photovoltaic and wind systems above 100 kilowatts, or those which generate over 250 megawatt hours each year. To create an LGC, your large-scale renewable energy system must be an accredited power station. At Shell Energy, we can work with you to plan and deliver large-scale solar systems, help you get your power station accredited and generate LGCs on your behalf. Or we can simply assist you to get your power station accredited with the Clean Energy Regulator. To become accredited, your sites must have accurate, compliant metering. We can help you to design and install your metering so that you meet the Clean Energy Regulator’s requirements.

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