Environmental Products

Environmental products, such as certificates and carbon credits, provide market-based solutions to today’s environmental challenges. The market for environmental products is continually evolving as governments seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and incentivise cleaner sources of energy generation.

Shell Energy can help you find the right solution, or solutions, to benefit from the opportunities available.

Environmental Certificates

A range of Australian Federal and State government schemes provide businesses with financial incentives to invest in renewable energy generation, and energy savings projects.

Federal programs businesses can participate in include:

  • Emissions Reduction Fund
  • Large-scale Renewable Energy Target
  • Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

State programs businesses can participate in include:

  • Energy Saving Scheme (NSW)
  • Victorian Energy Upgrades (Vic)
  • Retail Energy Productivity Scheme (SA)

Australia’s environmental certificate schemes can be challenging to navigate. Shell Energy can help identify the certificate schemes available for your projects.

Environmental Certificates

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits in Australia are known as Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

We can acquire and surrender ACCUs for businesses that consume more than 10 gigawatt hours (GWh) each year.

Both national and international carbon credits are increasingly bought and sold in Australia’s growing carbon marketplace. We source credits from a mixed portfolio of Australian and carefully chosen international carbon credits so that we can supply you with a range of solutions to support your decarbonisation journey.

Carbon Credits
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Article: What are environmental products and how do they work?

Australia’s Federal and State governments have introduced various schemes to help achieve the goal of emissions reduction and deliver improvements to energy efficiency and energy productivity. Through these schemes, businesses and individuals can create certificates or credits for eligible activities.

This article provides an overview of how environmental products work, as well as the types of projects eligible under selected schemes.

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