Our safety approach

Shell Energy has an uncompromising approach to safety. We are committed to operating responsibly and safely, in a way that prevents harm to our people, customers, suppliers, partners, communities and the environment.

Shell Energy safety initiatives

We focus on ensuring our people’s health and wellbeing, including their mental health. To support this, we have a range of safety initiatives in place, including learning and development opportunities and access to confidential counselling services. 

Shell Energy safety initiatives: 

    • Hazard and near miss reporting to help identify risks 
    • Active investigation of hazards 
    • Safety training across the business including regular safety observations for all employees 
    • Annual employee safety day that provides the opportunity to learn how members of our team can manage the safety hazards in their work and share ideas with each other 
    • Mandatory on-site alcohol and drug testing 
    • Monitoring of generalised industry alerts throughout Australia and New Zealand, to ensure our processes and equipment remain safe for operation. 
    • Monitoring of nationwide legislative alerts that may be applicable to our operations. 

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Policy

We are committed to responsible management practices that minimise any adverse health, safety or environmental impacts arising from our activities, products or services, and we remain committed to developing sustainable business practices. Our HSES Committee, consisting of our CEO and senior managementmeets quarterly to review safety performance. Workplace Health and Safety Committee meetings are also held quarterly. 

To download a copy of the HSES Policy, click the button below.  

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12 life-saving rules

Every Shell employee and contractor must follow our 12 Life-Saving Rules, which cover the most critical safety hazards.

    1. Work with a valid work permit when required
    2. Conduct gas tests when required
    3. Verify isolation before work begins and use the specified life protecting equipment 
    4. Obtain authorisation before entering a confined space 
    5. Obtain authorisation before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment 
    6. Protect yourself against a fall when working at height 
    7. Do not walk under a suspended load 
    8. Do not smoke outside designated smoking areas 
    9. No alcohol or drugs while working or driving 
    10. While driving, do not use your phone and do not exceed speed limits 
    11. Wear your seat belt 
    12. Follow prescribed journey management plan
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Environmental safety

We are committed to operating in a responsible way, respecting people, their safety and the environment. Find out more about Shell Energy’s global standards, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) processes and tools that are in place to manage safety, the environment and how we engage with communities.

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