Valuable insights for better energy performance

Better data visibility is the first step towards a better energy future. With our sophisticated tracking and monitoring technologies, you can trust in the quality energy data and insights you’ll receive from Shell Energy.

Beyond the proven technologies, our expert engineers design technical solutions to help drive process efficiencies, make your energy more productive and reduce your costs, now and into the future.

Metering and data

Our range of metering and data solutions can help you gain better visibility and insights into the energy performance of your sites, areas and equipment. You can then rely on our engineers to action these insights to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your costs.

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Energy Management Centre

Deliver on your energy goals with our sophisticated Energy Management Centre. This full-service solution is delivered by our energy engineers and backed by our best-in-class energy software.
You’ll enjoy access to a hands-on engineer who will help improve your team’s energy literacy, monitor and analyse your data, and locate and solve issues, so that you can implement productivity and efficiency solutions to meet your business energy goals.

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The Shell Energy Portal

If you have a retail electricity contract with Shell Energy, you have access to the Shell Energy Portal. The portal provides detailed information about your electricity account, allowing you to track your energy use and spend. You can also easily manage your sites through Site Manager, access billing history and schedule reports.

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