Choose an energy partner that knows your industry

At Shell Energy, we know that businesses get their best energy efficiency results when they deal with energy experts who have a deep understanding of the industry in which they operate. We have the skills and sector experience you need to maximise your energy and cost savings, and progress your sustainability goals.

With our extensive industry and technical expertise, and advanced market analytics, we plan and execute large-scale energy projects, craft energy roadmaps and fine-tune operations for better energy efficiency.

Our Industries


Our energy experts have the skills and sector experience needed to drive improvements in energy efficiency and operational costs, while helping businesses deliver on their environmental responsibilities.

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Shopping Centre / Mall


At Shell Energy, we identify and deliver the right energy solutions for Australia’s largest retailers to help them reduce consumption, improve energy productivity and deliver on their sustainability goals.

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We work with investment trusts and property owners to customise energy productivity solutions that help meet their commercial and emissions reduction targets.

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Our government clients rely on high-value, proven energy solutions to consume less energy, maximise environmental outcomes and demonstrate value for money.

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Water and Waste

With extensive experience and energy engineering expertise in water treatment and waste management, Shell Energy delivers tailored energy solutions for our water and waste customers.

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