We are strategically investing in new technologies and projects that will contribute to a lower-carbon energy system, supporting progress towards Shell’s global ambition of being a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Collaboration and partnerships play an important role in shaping our portfolio.

Shell is helping to build a low-carbon energy system in Australia through a diversified and integrated portfolio that delivers a broad range of decarbonisation solutions and services to business and residential customers.

Renewable energy

We are strategically investing in emerging technologies and projects that will contribute to a lower-carbon energy system and help us progress towards our own ambition of being a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Collaboration and partnerships play an important role in shaping our portfolio.

Gangarri Solar Farm

The Gangarri Solar Farm is a 120-megawatt (MW) development located on approximately 446 hectares (equivalent to 446 rugby fields) in the Western Downs region of Queensland. The project is currently in commissioning and testing phase. Once fully operational, it will generate solar power from about 330,000 photovoltaic panels that turn sunlight into electricity – enough to power 50,000 homes.

WestWind Energy Development

Shell Energy’s partnership with WestWind Energy Development is a significant step towards its goal of building a low-carbon integrated power business in Australia in line with its customers’ evolving energy needs. WestWind has a 3 GW project pipeline across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and proven capability in the development of onshore wind in Australia, and via its parent company overseas. Shell Energy’s focus, in partnership with WestWind, is on accelerating the development of wind energy projects in Victoria and expanding into NSW and Queensland. Learn more about WestWind Energy here.

Kondinin Energy

In 2022, Shell Energy announced a joint investment in Kondinin Energy, our first West Australian renewables development – and first West Australian wind project. The Kondinin Energy project is located approximately 245km east of Perth and comprises various stages of 370MW of developments across wind, solar and battery energy storage system assets. A 50/50 joint partnership with Foresight Group, Kondinin is an advanced development with land and development approvals in place. The project is in a strong renewables resource area and close to the existing Western Power 220kV transmission line, through which it will connect to the grid. Pending final investment decision, construction of the Stage 1 Wind farm is anticipated to begin in 2024.

Whole-of-site energy optimisation solutions

In addition to grid-scale battery developments, Shell Energy is also working with commercial and industrial customers to deliver whole-of-site solutions that optimise their energy ecosystems.

This initiative is known as Smart Energy Hubs and includes behind-the-meter technologies such as battery energy storage, onsite solar PV, electric vehicle charging control, and demand response programs. The Smart Energy Hubs project has been designed to maximise opportunities for use of on-site solar generation, secure energy supply and provide firming capability to the grid. Read more here

Shell Energy is proud to work with ARENA on an initiative to unlock flexible demand at 40 commercial and industrial customer sites in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The project will involve shopping centres, supermarkets and a refrigeration distribution centre across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to demonstrate flexible demand of 21.5 MW. Read more here.

Gas peaking power stations

Oakey power station

Kearney Road, Oakey QLD

Neerabup power station

45 Trandos Road, Neerabup WA

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