Energy solutions for the retail sector

Our energy expertise:

    • Site or enterprise-level energy and emission reduction roadmaps
    • Turnkey project delivery, specifically in HVAC and refrigeration demand management, batteries and lighting upgrades
    • Energy management systems and fine-tuning of energy operational processes, including sophisticated energy software and engineering support
    • Small and large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems
    • Plant equipment upgrades, optimisation and automation to support demand management and ability to participate in demand response programs
    • Sub-metering data interrogation
    • Environmental certificate creation
    • Monetisation of existing onsite assets through demand management opportunities
    • Commercial arrangements to enable renewable solutions for landlords and tenants

Optimisation and commercialisation of assets

Decarbonisation solutions

  • Turnkey solutions and end-to-end project management
  • Technical engineering solutions
  • Onsite renewable solutions
  • Energy roadmaps
  • Corporate emissions and energy reporting

Data, measurement and verification

  • Metering and data-led solutions based on your energy data
  • Sophisticated engineering management software tailored to your needs (including multi-site operations)
  • Baselining and measurement and verification services
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Environmental Certificates

A range of Australian Federal and State government certificate schemes are available, providing financial incentives to invest in energy savings projects.

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HVAC machinery

HVAC LoadFlex

Reduce your energy use, lower your operating costs, create additional revenue and improve environmental performance by adding intelligent optimisation and controls to your chiller plant.

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Energy Management Centre

Drive process efficiencies and maximise the value of your investments with our full-service Energy Management Centre (EMC) backed by our Shell Energy engineers.

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Our energy experts in the retail sector have the experience and expertise to help you reach your energy and sustainability goals.