Discover the potential of gas efficiency

    • Reduce equipment maintenance costs
    • Improve equipment lifespan
    • Reduce water consumption and treatment costs
    • Automate energy reduction initiatives
    •  Reduce heat waste
    • Improve on-site safety conditions


We can help your business improve its gas efficiency through: 

Funding your gas efficiency project

Pay-back periods on gas efficiency projects can be short, allowing your business to realise its return-on-investment more quickly than you may have originally thought. This return-on-investment timeframe frees up capital and provides the opportunity to reinvest further in gas efficiency initiatives, helping you to continuously lower your gas spend and optimise your energy efficiency.

There are also a number of funding pathways available for gas efficiency projects. These funding options include things like government schemes and grants and environmental certificates, more information on which you can find below. You may also be able to roll funding for your next gas efficiency project into your operating expenses. To learn more about whether this funding option is right for your business, reach out to our expert gas team here.

Australian Manufacturing Gas Efficiency Guide

Identifying gas efficiency opportunities

Learn more about different types of gas efficiency initiatives, as well as their corresponding payback periods and projected benefits, with the Energy Efficiency Council’s (EEC) Gas Efficiency Guide

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People behind the projects: Duncan Cairnie

Learn more about what gas efficiency is, why it’s so important for Australian businesses, and what’s unique about Shell Energy’s approach in this interview with Duncan Cairnie

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Learn more about government funding options

Explore state government schemes and grants that offer financial incentives that can help you fund your business’ gas efficiency project. Our team of energy experts are uniquely positioned to assist you to understand and navigate these schemes, as well as identifying other ways to offset the costs of implementing your gas efficiency project.  

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