Project Solutions

Shell Energy has the expertise and experience in energy engineering, end-to-end project management and solar design and delivery to advance your business and sustainability goals. Choose an energy partner that understands your needs and customises energy solutions that make sense for your business.  

Engineering and Project Delivery

Put your energy needs in the hands of Shell Energy’s experienced engineers and project delivery team. We provide data-driven recommendations on the right technical solutions to drive energy savings, improve your energy productivity and help you meet your environmental targets. Our team can take care of both the design and delivery of your energy efficiency projects.

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Solar Design and Delivery 

Solar is an investment that will deliver for years to come, helping you lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon emissions. That’s why it’s important to choose an energy partner that can help you install reliable, quality solar power systems you can count on. Shell Energy can assist you with all aspects of a solar photovoltaic project, from design and installation to monitoring and maintenance.

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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) help optimise the value of the power generated from your business’s on-site solar system, allowing you to balance energy production and consumption between day and night. Energy generated can be stored for later use or dispatched into the market to earn your business additional revenue.

Speak to a Shell Energy expert to learn more about our portfolio of battery projects and how BESS could work for your business.

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Smart Energy Hubs

Smart Energy Hubs integrate and co-optimise energy supply, generation, energy management and demand flexibility to meet your business objectives.

Smart Energy Hubs leverage the potential of your site and ensure optimal energy performance.

Talk to a Shell Energy Energy Solutions expert to discuss how Smart Energy Hubs could work for your business.

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