If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your business energy, installing a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) could be a smart move. It doesn’t matter what your solar infrastructure currently looks like, a BESS can help you maximise the value of your energy. There are a number of benefits to installing a BESS, such as managing consumption from the grid during peak periods, reducing energy costs, and unlocking revenue opportunities through Demand Response. Whatever your business goals are, a BESS may be the solution you need.


When managed optimally, the benefits of BESS and solar, as offered by Shell Energy, include:

  • Lowering energy consumption and spend by utilising stored excess solar to avoid drawing energy from the grid during peak periods
  • Unlocking the opportunity to create additional revenue through participation in Demand Response programs
  • Creating stability in your energy consumption patterns, which can result in better retail energy rates for your business
  • Helping your business to achieve its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and emissions reduction goals
  • Reducing demand charges from your network provider.
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Pathways to BESS ownership

Shell Energy specialises in helping businesses understand how to maximise the value of their BESS investment when it comes to their business energy. However, we recognise that building a successful business case for funding a BESS can be a barrier to harnessing the benefits of a BESS.

That’s why we offer a number of tailored funding options to suit your business where we install, own and operate the BESS for you, while you receive the benefit on your energy bill.

Not a Shell Energy retail customer? We can work with you to install and operate a BESS while allowing you to maintain your engagement with your existing energy retailer.

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Integrating BESS and solar into a Smart Energy Hub

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The benefits of BESS and Demand Response

Installing a BESS can help you optimise the value of your business energy by allowing your business to unlock the potential revenue opportunities of participating in a Demand Response program. Demand Response programs involve large energy users – who have access to flexible loads and on-site generation assets or storage – lowering energy use from the electricity grid when requested during periods of high demand. Depending on which program you choose to participate in, your business can access opportunities for additional revenue and help to maintain national electricity grid stability.

If your business had previously been unable to participate due to not being able to power down or switch-off generation when required, installing a BESS can provide the flexibility to participate in Demand Response programs. Or if you already have installed a BESS and don’t have access to demand response programs we can help.

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Learn how you can still benefit from BESS and solar if leasing your site

Leasing your premises is not a barrier to accessing low-cost renewable energy.

Shell Energy can design a solution with you and your landlord to ensure you are able to benefit from a BESS and solar without having to invest in, own or maintain a solar system.

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BESS and solar in action



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Ethical and responsible sourcing

As battery technology is an emerging and complex market, it’s important that you choose the right BESS partner to not only ensure you’re maximising the value of your investment but also to ensure your BESS is of the highest quality and ethical standards.

Shell Energy has an A1 credit rating, as well as the internal capacity and commitment to design, procure and construct your BESS investment from ethically sourced, high-quality materials.

Shell Energy has an uncompromising approach to safety. We are committed to operating responsibly and safely, in a way that prevents harm to our people, customers, suppliers, partners, communities and the environment.

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