An investment in your future

At Shell Energy, we ensure your solar solution is designed with your business in mind, to meet your needs of today and your goals of tomorrow. 

Solar energy can reduce your costs and carbon emissions, and help you meet your renewable energy ambitions. It’s an investment that will deliver results for years to come, which is why it’s important to go with a provider that offers quality and value 

Why choose solar?

Choosing the right solar solution for you

Finance your solar

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Offset the costs of your solar project

Understanding your solar

Energy transparency leads to better energy management. Shell Energy offers advanced solar monitoring and tracking, and verification capability. Our solar tracking solution gives you access to a web-based portal with quality solar data, along with system performance metrics and return on investment tracking in a simple, yet powerful, interface. 

Benefits of our solar tracking solution: 

  • View and download your solar and main meter electricity data 
  • Visualise flows to understand where electricity is sourced, consumed and fed back to the grid 
  • Monitor solar energy generation against weatheradjusted model targets 
  • Track return on investment achieved, as well as total emissions reduction and value generated
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¹On-bill financing is only available while you remain a Shell Energy retail energy customer. If you are no longer a Shell Energy retail energy customer, you must make arrangements to pay the credit provider directly. Parties should obtain their own legal, financial and tax advice before entering into any financial transaction.