Our government clients rely on high-value, proven energy solutions to consume less energy, maximise environmental outcomes and demonstrate value for money. That’s why you should choose Shell Energy as your trusted energy partner.  

 A leader in energy solutions, we draw on our depth and breadth of technical expertise and experience to deliver tailored, integrated solutions, manage risk and accelerate delivery of your projects to drive value. 

We work with government clients in three ways:

    1. Our team of energy experts can advise you on the right energy investment decisions to improve your energy performance. We draw on our deep wholesale and retail market intelligence, onsite solution expertise and advanced data analytics and insights to deliver the best value-for-money solutions. 
    2. We expertly deliver effective energy efficiency, lighting, solar and other energy projects, including large scale government programs. Wreduce your project delivery risk by providing best-in-class energy solutions backed by our depth and breadth of energy expertise, project structuring and financing, and ongoing technical support. 
    3. We prove the value of your energy investments through our expert measurement and verification, reporting and analytics, interactive digital platforms and industry-leading customer support.  

Our energy expertise:

    • Renewable energy and sustainability roadmaps 
    • Commercial arrangements to enable renewable solutions  
    • Turnkey project deliveryincluding small and large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV), HVAC and refrigeration demand management, batteries and lighting upgrades 
    • Plant equipment upgrades, optimisation and automation to help you respond to energy demand events and improve asset efficiency 
    • Sub-metering data interrogation 
    • Energy management systems and fine-tuning of energy operational processes, including sophisticated energy software and engineering support 
    • Environmental certificate creation 
    • Monetisation of onsite assets through demand management opportunities 

Optimisation of assets

  • Lifecycle cost analysis to optimise existing equipment and processes 
  • Cost offsets via environmental certificate creation and demand management opportunities  
  • Reduce your impact during critical events with Demand Response    

Decarbonisation solutions

  • Strategic and technical energy roadmaps  
  • Turnkey solutions and end-to-end project management 
  • Technical engineering solutions 
  • Onsite and offsite renewable solutions 
  • Carbon emissions and energy reporting 

Data solutions, measurement and verification

  • Metering and data-led solutions based on your energy data  
  • Sophisticated engineering management software tailored to your needs  
  • Baselining and measurement and verification services  

Investment case development

  • Identification and prioritisation of investment opportunities for energy solutions to support your energy objectives, including energy efficiency, lighting upgrades and onsite solar projects 

Large-scale project delivery

  • Scalable, fast and flexible project delivery capabilities 
  • Proven experience delivering complex, large-scale government energy projects across multiple sites, using diverse technologies 

Environmental certificate creation

  • Environmental certificate generation under various federal and state government certificate schemes  


People installing solar panels on a rooftop

Trusted solar energy solutions

Solar is an investment in a better energy future. That’s why it’s important to choose a solar provider that will be here for the long-term, like Shell Energy. Shell Energy has experience and technical expertise you can count on.

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Get more out of your investment

Accessing your data is important but understanding it and knowing what to do next is what really matters.

With our Energy Management Centre (EMC), you can maximise the value of your investments and reach your energy goals sooner. The EMC is a powerful engineer-led solution, backed by our best-in-class software.

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Get in touch with an energy expert 

Our energy experts in the government sector have the experience and expertise to help you reach your energy and sustainability goals.