Do you lease your business premises and think you can’t benefit from solar?

Shell Energy’s Renewable Energy for Tenants is designed to enable customers to benefit from low-cost renewable energy without having to invest in, own, or maintain a solar system. It is a solution that empowers tenants to achieve their sustainability targets while maintaining control over their energy expenses by providing customers with access to on-site solar power without any upfront cost.

In many instances and depending on the tenant’s current levelised cost of energy1, utilising on-site solar generation can result in a positive net financial benefit as they will be drawing less energy from the grid and instead using more cost-effective solar power.

Shell Energy can tailor bespoke renewable energy solutions, in consultation with tenants and landlords.

Tenants do not need to make any capital outlay or change their retail electricity contract or the way they procure grid energy, to access on-site solar power generation.

This model is designed to unlock the benefits of solar energy for businesses that lease their sites, as well as for landlords who wish to provide their tenants with a reliable solar solution.

There are different asset funding mechanisms available, including the solar assets being funded by the property owner or via a third-party financier.

To understand if your business could benefit from Shell Energy’s Renewable Energy for Tenant’s solution, please reach out to your landlord, or complete the form below.

  • Pact Group - New Packaging Facility, Altona North, VIC

The new plant manufactures packaging for household and industrial products such as shampoo and cleaning liquids, and plastic containers used for agricultural chemical and industrial products. Pact has invested more than $23 million in new equipment for the Altona North facility to increase production capacity and enable the inclusion of recycled plastic in its packaging.

The solar logistics solution unlocks renewable energy for GPT’s logistics tenants by installing solar on the warehouse roof and pairing it with a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). GPT’s logistics tenants benefit from access to affordable, renewable energy, without the need for upfront capital expenditure or responsibility for maintenance.

Under the PPA model, tenants pay a fixed rate for on-site solar energy, and reduce their consumption of grid energy, which in turn reduces their electricity/energy bills.

The program has been developed in collaboration with the GPT Group and has undergone extensive due diligence to ensure the highest quality systems are installed with stringent safety requirements and minimal disruption to tenants.

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¹LCOE is a bundled energy rate that reflects how much a customer pays for every kWh (or unit) of energy they use from the grid. We calculate the LCOE by combining a customer’s retail, network, environmental and market consumption charges together, weighting for peak and off  peak and adjusting for loss factors.