STEP1 Online gives businesses the power and tools to actively monitor the electricity market and take control of purchasing electricity online through progressive purchasing. 

Instead of agreeing 100% of your price upfront, lock in your electricity prices progressively over the contract period. It’s an alternative to fixed-price electricity contracting that helps you manage timing risk in the market. 

With STEP Online you can:


STEP Online vs Fixed price contracting

  • STEP Online

    Agree your electricity price progressively in parcels over the contract period and reduce the risk of contracting at a high point in the market. 

  • Fixed price contracting

    Agree electricity price upfront for the whole contract period based on market prices at the time of signing. This may be at a high point or a low point in the market. 

Access STEP Online on our secure online Portal 

  • Access your energy data and view the status of your energy purchases on a simple, easy to read dashboard.
  • Purchase and view your purchase position on our secure online platform
  • Online access to your energy data and purchases with two-factor authentication for authorised users. 
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Why do large businesses choose Shell Energy?

  • Competitive pricing

    Competitive, electricity pricing offers, tailored for your business. 

  • Reliable, timely and accurate billing

    Accurate bills sent on time in formats that suit business systems.

  • Online Portal with quality data

    Access to quality energy data and reporting in our secure, online Portal.

  • Early payment discount

    Receive a discount on your electricity bill by paying early. 

  • Network tariff reviews

    Regular complimentary network tariff reviews to help you save on energy costs2.

  • Load tolerance with no penalty

    No penalties for using more or less than your contracted energy load3.

  • Easy onboarding and transfers

    Easily onboard and transfer your sites with visibility on transfer status through Site Manager4. 


1 STEP is an acronym for Strategically Timed Electricity Procurement.

2 Criteria applies.

3 Subject to the terms of your contract

4 Not available for small market customers

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