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Reduce your emissions to power your business to net zero

When considering the many different approaches your business can take on its path to net zero, the typical carbon management approach suggests a sequenced 3-pronged approach:

  1. reducing emissions,
  2. replacing emissions (with lower carbon energy sources), and;
  3. offsetting emissions.

However, every organisation’s situation is different and all three available emissions options should be considered and incorporated into planning your net-zero journey. There are many ways that a business can reduce its emissions. More efficient equipment, comprehensive energy monitoring and management, and more effective technologies all help to reduce emissions.

Let's work together to select the most suitable options from our suite of energy solutions.

  • Battery energy storage

    Utilising batteries with renewable energy generation allows energy stored to be released at times of peak demand, reducing energy consumption from the grid.

  • Co-generation / Combined heat and power

    The simultaneous creation of two or more forms of energy from a single fuel source. The co-generation process allows for the capture of heat, through the generation of electricity, and uses this captured heat as a fuel source.

  • Demand response

    Allows organisations’ to voluntarily reduce their load at times of peak demand. This has the two-fold benefit of reducing the site’s energy usage and being rewarded financially for the reduction in electricity load.

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  • Energy management

    Tracking and optimising energy usage to reduce energy consumption, or make your energy usage more productive. A crucial requirement in reducing emissions.

  • Energy management software

    Software solutions, like our Energy Management Centre, use data from your site’s sub-meters to find efficiency improvements. This helps to make your energy more productive, driving down costs and reducing energy consumption.

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  • Energy productivity

    Marry your detailed energy data with advanced analytics, general market data and work with engineering and project delivery specialists to make your energy more productive and reduce your carbon emissions.

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  • Engineering and project delivery

    Optimal engineering and energy project management to drive energy savings, maximising the return on your investments and making your energy more productive.

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  • Equipment optimisation

    Finding the right technical solution to optimise your on-site equipment’s efficiency is crucial to helping reduce emissions on-site.

  • EV Charging

    Software and hardware solutions can electrify your fleet and provide lower carbon solutions for your e-mobility needs.

  • On-site solar PV or wind generation

    On-site solar solutions help organisation’s reduce energy consumption, by sourcing from their own renewable energy assets.

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  • Sub-metering

    Sub-meters provide a more detailed picture of how business assets use energy, identifying anomalies in performance and providing operational insights. Without sub-metering, you will get a sub-optimal picture of how your site assets are operating.

  • Environmental Certificates

    Utilising Federal and State government environmental certificate schemes, you can be rewarded for avoiding or reducing emissions.

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  • Biogas

    Organic materials are broken down by bacteria (a process called anaerobic digestion) and turned into biogas. This biogas can then be used to provide a clean, renewable, and reliable source of baseload power. Typical organic materials for biogas includes wastewater and food waste.

Discover other ways we can help you reach net zero:


Explore low carbon solutions for your energy needs, including renewable energy contracting options, on-site renewable solutions and investing in new technologies that will lower emissions.

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We can source carbons credits from a mixed portfolio of Australian and carefully chosen, verified international projects. Talk to us about carbon credits and our nature-based solutions.

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Funding your energy transition

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Energy Solutions

Take control of your energy usage to meet your commercial and sustainability goals and make your business more resilient. Utilising our energy expertise and market insights, we work closely with you to optimise energy efficiencies, drive cost savings and advance your future-facing goals like net-zero emissions.

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Energy Tracking & Monitoring

Optimise your energy performance and reach your sustainability goals sooner with our advanced tracking and monitoring solutions.

Optimise Performance

Engineering Project Delivery

We deliver optimal engineering and energy project management to drive energy savings, maximise the return on your investments and make your energy more productive.

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