Meter Installation Timeframes

Installation of Meters

Under recent National Electricity Market reforms, advanced or digital meters that meet a minimum standard, must be installed whenever a new or replacement meter is needed for most customers located outside Victoria. If you need a new or replacement meter or to make other changes to your electricity supply that require a new or replacement meter, we will arrange the installation of a digital meter for you (other than for sites in Victoria, which already have digital meters).

Digital meters help get the most out of technologies like rooftop solar, storage and energy efficient appliances.

For example, digital meters may assist businesses to participate in ‘demand response’ programs where the organisation is paid to switch off equipment or switch to on-site generation to help the power system cope with heatwaves and avoid blackouts.

For information about participating in our Demand Response contact us on 13 23 76 or email [email protected]

Meter Installation Timeframes for small customers located outside of Victoria

New Meter Requests

Retailers are required to provide a meter for a new connection or perform a simple meter exchange by a date agreed with the customer. If no timing can be agreed, then the retailer will need to install the meter in accordance with the timeframes set out below. We encourage customers to seek a suitable appointment time for the installation of a new meter to ensure that this work can occur a time that is convenient for you.

Meter installation timing is subject to site being safe, accessible and ready for required installation works and the connection service being complete. If meter installation is not able to be completed due to the site not being safe, accessible or otherwise suitable for the installation, we may pass through any charges we incur to you.

New connections – 6 business days

If a new meter is required to be installed at your business premises, we must arrange to have the meter installed within six (6) business days once the new business is connected to the grid.

Upgrading to a smart meter – 15 business days

Once we’ve received your request to upgrade your meter, we will arrange to have the new meter installed within 15 business days. If supply of power is required to be interrupted in order to install the meter, we will provide you with advanced notice.

Upgrading to a smart meter which needs connection work – 15 business days

If upgrading to a smart meter requires connection work, we’ll coordinate the work within 15 business days from the date we received your request.

Customers with shared fusing premise

In the exceptional circumstance where installing the meter requires interrupting supply to another customer, we will endeavour to agree a new date with you or failing agreement, install it on a date no later than 30 business days from the date we first became aware of the circumstance.

For more information

If you have questions or need more information about metering, please contact your account manager or call 13 23 76.