Shell Energy Large Business Default Rates

These are the default energy and environmental rates that apply to commercial and industrial customers holding over upon expiry of a fixed term contract. They are exclusive of loss factors and network, market, metering and other charges.

Rates are valid from 1 October 2023, are exclusive of GST and are subject to change at any time.

State Period Rate c/kWh
NSW Peak 22.27
NSW Shoulder 22.27
NSW Off Peak 15
NSW Flat 18.06
Vic Peak 10.95
Vic Off Peak 7.06
Vic Flat 8.7
Qld Peak 20.48
Qld Off Peak 14.88
Qld Flat 17.24
SA Peak 16.34
SA Off Peak 11.91
SA Flat 13.78
Tas Peak 10.95
Tas Off Peak 7.06
All LRET Firm 1.329
All LRET Cert 70.1
All VEET Firm 1.962
All VEET Cert 120.29
All SREC Cert 39.95
All EEC 0.5
All ESC 0.36
WA Peak 10.97
WA Off Peak 10.68
WA Flat 10.79