Meet Vicki Nyin

Up for the challenge: How Vicki Nyin is helping to build a better, brighter future for our team and customers

The idea of rebuilding an entire network of systems and processes for one of Australia’s leading energy retailers might be daunting for some. But for Small Market Specialist Vicki Nyin, she’s embracing the challenge and energising her career in the process.

Powering progress

Kicking off her energy career in 2015 as an account manager, Vicki’s expertise and innovation has made her an invaluable asset to help Shell Energy lead the change Australia needs.

Working as a Small Market Specialist, Vicki completed an exciting and innovative IT project that helped Shell Energy transition our network of systems and processes for a future where energy is decarbonised, data-driven and distributed. It was a challenging task, but one that was vital in enabling us to achieve even more for our customers.

Relishing the opportunity to combine her passion for outstanding customer experience with her keen eye for detail, Vicki feels proud to have taken this exciting step forward in her career journey. Since joining Shell Energy, Vicki has valued the opportunity to undertake training and development opportunities, which have helped her grow professionally and enabled her to step up into this challenging new role.

“I love that in my job, I get to continue doing what I loved most about being an account manager, while improving our systems so the account management team can focus on doing what they do best: helping customers,” Vicki says.

The customer experience is at the heart of Vicki’s mission as she strives to answer one simple question: How do we give our customers the best experience possible?

“The energy industry is constantly and rapidly changing, and it can be difficult to navigate that as a customer. We make things as easy as possible for them, and that can be by educating them, giving them as much notice as possible about changes, making sure their billing is right and if something goes wrong, we fix it as soon as possible. That drives the work I do.”

Better together

Big challenges require big solutions. Over the last year, Vicki tackled the challenge of ensuring our new IT system meets our customer’s needs. From collaborating with our IT teams to putting systems through rigorous testing to prepare for the launch, Vicki embraced the challenge and delivered meaningful results.

Vicki and her team are building stronger foundations that will help energise a better future, one customer at a time. As our work and impact continue to grow, connection and collaboration matters more than ever, which is why Vicki’s so grateful to be part of a talented team that always has her back.

“I’m helping to design software that’s streamlined and easy to use. This new system is a team effort. It’s far too big a challenge to do all by yourself. And you don’t have to – everything here is a team effort. We’re all really supportive of each other, and we work collaboratively, which I love.”

Leading the change

With every day bringing something new and exciting, Vicki’s challenging yet rewarding work is making a huge difference to Shell Energy. And at the heart of Vicki’s drive to succeed? Empowering our team to provide an outstanding customer experience and being part of our mission to help our customers transition to a net-zero future.

Vicki’s excited to create even more effective workspaces and systems that make life easier and more efficient for our people and customers.

The future looks bright, and for Vicki, it’s only just beginning. For anyone else considering igniting their career with Shell Energy, Vicki offers some simple advice.

“My whole career, I’ve always worked hard and done the best job I can. I feel like people see that and appreciate it, and that’s how opportunities have come up for me. So, I’d say be passionate about what you do and the opportunities will follow.”

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