Meet Ryan Archer

A Senior Credit Analyst working in our consumer team, Ryan appreciates Shell Energy’s culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous growth. Building a psychologically safe environment is of the utmost importance to him, so that his team is confident to be themselves.

Tell us about your career path so far and your current role.

I started my career in retail, then moved into banking, government, and university roles. I got an opportunity to work with Shell Energy when a recruiter approached me and asked if I was interested in working in the industry. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

I joined the Retail team as an Operations Specialist, where I learned the basics of electricity and how to implement B2B processes, data analysis and problem solving. After a while, I applied for a role in the credit team as an Accounts Receivable and Credit Controller, where I discovered numbers and customer service were my jam!

A year later, I saw an opportunity to join our retail business, Powershop, as a Senior Credit Analyst. I thought it would be a great chance to expand my knowledge and skills in the consumer space while still working in credit with the Shell Energy team. I have been in this role for a year now, and I have been enjoying the challenges, learning opportunities, and growth that comes with it.

What is it like to work here? How would you describe the culture?

I feel we have a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous growth. Shell Energy puts culture first and foremost and we always strive to maintain it. We are constantly changing as a company and as individuals, which is why we value diversity, open communication and work-life balance. We have created a safe space where we can speak up and be ourselves, and where we support each other as a team. The business cares about its people and their wellbeing and provides various initiatives and programs to help us develop personally and professionally.

What impact have you made or hope to make in your role?

One of the impacts I have made so far was getting out of my comfort zone and becoming a certified practitioner in whole brain thinking, also known as HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument). This is a tool that helps me understand my own preferred thinking styles and preferences and provide insights and guidance to my team on how they can leverage their strengths and work better together. It helps improve my public speaking, people management and problem-solving skills.

After getting certified, I took my team with me on this journey. We did individual profiles, and then completed a team profile on how we can work better with each other and ourselves. This was a great way to build trust, communication, and collaboration within our team.

What’s an achievement you’re proud of from the last 12 months?

One of the achievements I’m proud of from the last year is helping to build on the culture within our team and across the business. I do this by being transparent, failing safely, being inclusive, getting used to being comfortable with the uncomfortable, and showing up as my best self. I won an internal award for bringing the culture together, which I think reflects the work I’ve put in and makes me very proud.

What is your take on our approach to flexible working? How does it support you?

I love flexible work. It allows me to balance my work and personal life, while also supporting the wider team across different locations and time zones. My role involves helping the teams in New Zealand and Melbourne, while I’m based in Brisbane. When daylight savings is in effect, we have different working hours as we are geographically diverse, so flexibility is essential for my role. I try to be as flexible as possible to collaborate with the team, and it is a huge help not having set start and finish times. When I am in the office, I enjoy working with the team and sharing ideas. When I am at home, I focus on completing individual tasks and projects. I also appreciate I can have flexibility for personal time or an early finish when I need it. Flexible work really gives me the best of both worlds!

Any advice for someone looking to join our team?

Of course, having analytical skills, industry knowledge, and a passion for the industry are important, but your attitude and enthusiasm are what will make you stand out. These are the qualities that are hard to teach but make a big difference in our team. We are looking for people who are positive, proactive, and are willing to learn and grow with us.

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