Meet Reece Sanim

Human Resources Coordinator – Corporate Services

Discover Reece’s journey over the last three years at Shell Energy and how she found her passion for HR. She has worked across multiple departments, learnt from different mentors and contributed to diverse projects.

Tell us about your career path at Shell Energy…

I started at Shell Energy (then ERM Power) in early 2019, whilst I was still completing my degree. For just over 18 months, I worked a few days a week in both the Powermetric and Energy Solutions teams. I really enjoyed the culture and didn’t want to leave the business, so after I finished my Business degree, majoring in Human Resources (HR), I began monitoring the internal vacancies. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to become a B2B retail pricing analyst. Around 12 months later, another opportunity arose to be HR administrator. This was where I wanted to end up as it was my chosen field of study, and I was ready to put what I learned at university into practice. After 18 months in the administrator role, I was promoted to human resources coordinator.

Working across all these various departments has helped me expand my business knowledge and forge strong relationships with people from a wide range of teams. I’m very appreciative of all the opportunities I have been given – without them, I would not be where I am today, providing support to the business and HR team.

What is it like to work here at Shell Energy and how would you describe our culture?

People genuinely care for one another and want to see their colleagues succeed and advance in their career paths. It is my first time working in a corporate environment and I have always found everyone to be very supportive and encouraging. There is never a day where I haven’t seen a friendly face around the office. There’s always someone willing to have a chat or say hello.

What is an achievement that you’re proud of over the last like 12 months?

My greatest achievement was the work that went into bringing our Powershop team on board, following the acquisition of the business in 2022. It was the first project of this type where I’ve made a significant contribution. I really enjoyed having a hands-on role, helping the team come over to Shell Energy and being involved in most of the supporting processes. Projects like these involve a lot of work behind the scenes and require taking care of all the little steps needed to ensure a seamless transition. It was rewarding to see all the hard work come to fruition.

It was really nice to be nominated for our internal awards program for my work with Powershop, I was appreciative that someone else noticed how hard I had worked on the project. While it was a great feeling to win, I am most grateful for the acknowledgement, especially given a lot of teams put in so much effort on this project.

I’m excited about the future of energy because…

As the industry develops further, I am excited to see what progress we make on renewables projects. Working at an innovative company like Shell Energy means we get a front row seat to the advancing energy industry and I’m excited to see what the future holds. I can’t wait to see what comes next, what new technologies will emerge and how will these innovations benefit the general public? There is a significant societal push for a cleaner energy options. I’m glad I can see first-hand the changes and the innovation within our industry.

Any advice for someone looking to join our team at Shell Energy?

If you’re looking to work somewhere with a great team culture, and you are seeking a challenge, then Shell Energy is the place for you. Our company is always changing and evolving. If you want to work towards the goal of a cleaner world, then the world’s biggest challenge needs you here! Shell Energy is a great place to work.


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