Meet Mickey Nabbs

Channel Sales Consultant in our B2B Retail team. Mickey talks about her career path, the culture and flexible working approach at Shell Energy and her philosophy on philanthropy.



Tell us about your career path so far and your current role?

I am originally from New Zealand and worked for a residential electricity company for almost eight years. However, I wanted to challenge myself and try something new, so I jumped the ditch (moved to Australia). It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I started with the business in 2017 in the Customer Transfers team, then moved to Electrical Work Requests, and in 2019, I moved to the Channel Sales team.

In my current role I liaise with intermediaries to negotiate pricing, while building and maintaining great relationships with them. We have a large number of intermediaries we work with regularly. I enjoy being involved in the whole process, from winning a contract to setting up a connection and billing.

What is it like to work here? How would you describe the culture?

The culture is amazing. I appreciate how you are encouraged to be yourself and how inclusive it is. Our culture is created by our people and there are many clever, talented individuals who are passionate about caring for our customers and one another. We also have social gatherings and activities that are great for getting to know one another. My manager is very supportive of my professional development and provides me with opportunities to learn new skills.

What impact have you made or hope to make in your role?

I consider myself open, approachable and helpful. I feel that people know they can come to me for help or support in all things work-related or in their personal life. I am a massive advocate for mental health and I believe it is important to provide support in any way possible, to make sure people feel safe and that they can open up and be themselves.

What’s an achievement you’re proud of from the last 12 months?

I recently undertook a 100km charity bike ride from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to promote awareness of cancer in honour of a dear colleague and his family. The particular type of cancer I am fundraising for has a 0% survival rate, so they desperately need more research and resources. I managed to raise more than $8,000; the second highest amount of funds raised by an individual.

As a result of my fundraising efforts, I have been recognised as a Mater Community Hero.

The Mater Foundation is a Queensland charity that supports health, education and research. It aims to enhance community health. I am very humbled that my contributions are being acknowledged in this way. I am excited to continue my support for those who need it and I truly appreciate all my work colleagues who have supported me. I will keep working to raise awareness and funds for the many excellent charities out there.

You are involved in a number of fund-raising initiatives. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Prior to the bike ride, I fundraised for and completed the 30km Coastrek Charity Hiking Challenge for Women in 2022.

I also proudly participate yearly as a Mo Sister in the Shell Energy Movember team. I set a moving target for the month and raise funds to support men’s mental health and prostate cancer. My target this year is to move 700km in the month of November. Unfortunately, I can’t grow a moustache, but I can move, and I like to challenge myself!

I feel that spreading awareness for these charities and many others is so important. It sends a powerful message to the world, and I believe it makes a huge difference.

I once saw the definition of “generosity” written somewhere that said, “It involves giving to others not simply anything in abundance but giving those things that are good for others, whatever that may be. Generosity enhances the true wellbeing of those to whom it gives.” I’ve always remembered this definition, as it really resonated with me.

What is your take on our approach to flexible working? How does it support you?

Being able to work from home is a change from being full time in the office. I enjoy the balance of flexibly working at home and in the office so I can spend time connecting with my colleagues and peers and be able to get to appointments or have more time to exercise. Working from home helps me prioritise my health and wellbeing. I can make flexible work, work for me, as I feel completely supported by my team at Shell Energy.

Any advice for someone looking to join the team?

Come and give it a go! We are a fantastic bunch of friendly people who genuinely care for each other. If you do join, be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We always welcome newcomers and make them feel supported.

I’d encourage new starters to put themselves out of their comfort zone, as I find it can give you an entirely different perspective. You never know what you are capable of until you challenge yourself.

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