Meet Jacques Liu

On the frontline: Why Jacques Liu chooses a career that’s supporting customers on their journey to net zero

Jacques Liu is energising a better future, one customer at a time. Our Energy Management Centre team leader tailors powerful solutions that enable customers to use energy more efficiently and help them to reach their low-carbon energy goals. Jacques is privileged to be able to make a difference every day.

Breaking new ground

The challenge of transitioning the world to net zero is about as big as it gets. The core of Jacques Liu’s work is to help customers as they decarbonise their business. With every calculation, data analysis and innovative solution, Jacques and his team in Energy Solutions at Shell Energy are helping to shift customers, industries and Australia closer towards a better energy future.

“Everyone working in energy solutions is highly motivated by net zero,” Jacques says. “Being in such an innovative and fast-moving sector, you feel part of a movement, and Shell Energy has good momentum. Because our team calculates the emissions cost savings of our recommendations for each customer, we see our contribution to net zero in our day-to-day work.”

It’s not exactly the career Jacques had imagined at university, where he studied chemical engineering and pharmaceutical science for a career in development of medical treatments.

“But then I realised that getting a new therapy through clinical trials could take five to 10 years. That’s a long road to travel to see the impact of your work. With Shell Energy’s Energy Monitoring software (EMC), we see the difference our customers are making straight away.”

As EMC Team Leader, Jacques leads a team of engineers to deliver cutting-edge solutions that accelerate energy performance and drive business growth. Instead of being in a lab wearing a white coat, Jacques is on-site in a high-vis vest. Or he’s crunching data, identifying issues, and tracking customers’ energy savings.

A culture of connection and collaboration

Since joining Shell Energy in 2019, Jacques has worked on some high-impact projects. Driven to deliver for his customers, he values working with a company that can provide an innovative, reliable and sustainable end-to-end service.

“We’ve got the expertise and capability to take a project all the way through,” Jacques says. “We can design and implement a project, track it, manage it, and offer a range of services to a client going forward. And because energy solutions is such a dynamic area, our team is always learning and picking up new skills, which is good for your career.”

As the EMC team continues to grow, connection matters more than ever. Jacques is a people-focused leader who takes pride in nurturing strong, respectful relationships with his colleagues.

“There’s a lot of energy and drive in the team. It’s a sector that’s constantly evolving and that tends to attract enthusiastic people. We’re all motivated by energy efficiency, and even though we’re a fairly small team, we all support each other.”

Jacques says the team’s wellbeing is also supported with flexible leave options and family-friendly hours.

“We get additional leave on top of our annual leave, and the parental leave is good too. As we win more work, we can go through busy periods, but we generally stick to our regular working hours. There’s not that expectation to be on 24/7.”

Making the difference count

Outside of work, Jacques enjoys tending to his vegetable garden. Growing his own food is enormously satisfying – and it’s a feeling he gets every day at Shell Energy as he helps us grow, too.

“I like doing work that has meaning,” Jacques says. “I think Australia is catching up to Europe and America in terms of the energy transition. I’m looking forward to seeing how we progress as a nation and helping more businesses and industries reach their decarbonisation targets.”

Would you like to help us lead the change towards a better, cleaner future? Jacques has these three pieces of advice for a rewarding career at Shell Energy:

  1. “Try to immerse yourself in the energy landscape and understand what’s happening in this space. Think about how you’d like to fit in the broader energy transition.”
  2. “It’s a fast-paced environment, so you need to be adaptable and open to change.”
  3. “You’re working with a lot of different people internally and externally, so you have to be a good communicator. Shell Energy focuses on hiring people who are the right fit, so we all get along really well.”

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