Grid-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and the transition to net zero

Grid-scale batteries have a vital role to play in the journey to a lower-carbon future, helping to address the intermittency of renewables like solar and wind, and assisting the goal of making electricity supplies more affordable and resilient.

BESS offer great flexibility, unlike some other forms of energy storage and generation. Their response time is fast, turning on and off in fractions of a second to help maintain grid stability. They respond to peak demand, build grid resilience and provide backup power when you need it.

Batteries big and small: Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) come in different shapes and sizes, from grid-scale to behind-the-meter. Shell Energy’s battery experts can design and install a BESS on your site and help you structure your energy assets to optimise the value from your battery.

Grid-scale batteries and the transition to net zero

Battery technology is an essential element in the decarbonisation of the energy sector providing firming for solar and wind, and vital grid stability services.

The need for energy storage and grid support services will continue to grow as companies around the world deliver on their net-zero objectives.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) support the transition to net zero by:

  • Providing grid stability services

  • Accelerating the uptake of renewable generation

  • Firming energy generated by solar and wind

BESS projects

Shell Energy is investing in new technologies and projects that will support our customers through the energy transition and create pathways to net-zero emissions.

Providing products and services that help large energy users decarbonise is a key focus for us in assembling the building blocks of a lower-carbon energy system in Australia.

Rangebank BESS

Macquarie Asset Management’s Green Investment Group (GIG) and Shell Energy Operations (Shell Energy) are partnering to deliver a utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) in Cranbourne, Victoria. Once fully operational, the 200MW / 400MWh Rangebank BESS will have the capacity to power the equivalent of 80,000 homes across Victoria for an hour during peak periods.

Read more about the project

Riverina Energy Storage System 1

Shell Energy is proud to partner with the New South Wales Government on the Riverina Energy Storage System 1, a 60MW/120MWh battery, being developed by Edify Energy.

Image supplied by Edify and published with permission.

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Large batteries in racks

Wellington BESS Project

Shell Energy is proud to partner with AMPYR Australia on a 500MW/1000MWh battery located in Wellington, Central West NSW. It will be one of the largest energy storage projects in the state, supporting renewable generation and contributing to improved reliability for the grid and consumers.

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On-site Battery Energy Storage Systems

Installing a behind-the-meter BESS on your site can help your business to improve its energy productivity, unlock revenue from various market schemes and deliver on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments. Our BESS experts can design and install batteries on your site and help you structure your energy assets to optimise the value from your battery.

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