The energy challenge

Energy powers lives and livelihoods.

It transports and connects people and  enables the delivery of  products  and services. It powers our homes, businesses and communities.  It underpins global economic activity and improves quality of life.

Today,  we face the unprecedented challenge of transitioning to a low-carbon energy future to manage the risks of climate change,  while meeting the ever-growing global demand for energy  and extending access to life-changing, reliable energy to everyone on the planet.

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Green Products

To offset your electricity usage and meet your renewable energy targets, we offer a range of Green options, including the GreenPower program and power purchase agreements.

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Environmental Certificates

Offset your project costs and meet your environmental targets with environmental certificates. Our energy experts can advise you on the right schemes for your project and can create and deal with certificates on your behalf.

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Investing in a cleaner energy future

Globally, Shell is at the forefront of developing and investing in new technologies to decarbonise our energy system, from energy storage to floating wind generation, and hydrogen to carbon capture and storage (CCS).

In Australia, we’re already drawing on our scale and expertise to develop large renewable energy generation projects and investing in forests, grasslands and wetlands to capture more carbon while benefiting biodiversity and local communities.

We are shaping Australia’s renewable energy landscape with Shell’s first industrial-scale solar electricity farm, Gangarri Solar, and we are further growing the solar sector through our investment in ESCO Pacific, a successful and experienced Australian-focused utility-scale solar developer.

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Shell's climate target

As a global energy provider, energy user and partner for change, Shell is on a decarbonisation journey to help us realise our net-zero emissions ambitions and contribute to a cleaner energy future for  our business, our customers and the world.

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Building a lower-carbon energy business

Shell is investing in new energies to keep pace with the world’s changing energy system and to help drive down carbon emissions.

Find out about Shell’s investments in projects and new technologies in renewables, hydrogen, electric vehicle charging, biofuels, nature-based solutions, and more.

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