Shell Energy Large Business Default Rates

These are the default energy and environmental rates that apply to commercial and industrial customers holding over upon expiry of a fixed term contract. They are exclusive of loss factors and network, market, metering and other charges.

Rates are valid from 1 November 2020 and are exclusive of GST.

State Period Rate c/kWh
NSW Peak 14
NSW Shoulder 14
NSW Off Peak 8
NSW Flat 12.1
Vic Peak 17
Vic Off Peak 6.5
Vic Flat 12.93
Qld Peak 10
Qld Off Peak 6
Qld Flat 8.8
SA Peak 16
SA Off Peak 7.5
SA Flat 12.93
Tas Peak 15
Tas Off Peak 8
All LRET Firm 0.8496
All LRET Cert 44
All VEET Firm 0.688
All VEET Cert 43.00
All SREC Cert 39.95
All EEC 0.48
All ESC 0.48