Meet our team

Stephanie Kuzmik - Structured Products Manager

Stephanie Kuzmik, Shell Energy’s Structured Products Manager, shares how she is working to support our customers with innovative decarbonisation solutions, and what it’s like to be part of the changing energy conversation.

Meet Stephanie
Shell Energy employees in the kitchen area, Shell Head Office in Brisbane, Australia

Michael Makkai - Senior Operator Maintainer, Oakey Power Station

Michael Makkai, Senior Operator Maintainer at Shell Energy’s Oakey Power Station, shares how he got his start in the energy industry and what it’s like to work at a ‘peaking’ power station.

Meet Michael

Guillaume Leroux – Agile Delivery Lead

Agile Delivery Lead Guillaume Leroux talks about the parallels of skippering a yacht in an offshore race and his role in the Digital and Technology Solutions team at Shell Energy.

Meet Guillaume
Shell Energy employees in the trading area, Shell Head Office in Brisbane, Australia

Isabelle Miller - Graduate Software Engineer

At Shell Energy, innovation is central to helping our customers thrive through the energy transition. Meet Isabelle – a member of our Digital and Technology Solutions team making a difference through innovative technical support for our business and customers.

Meet Isabelle

Andrew Hines - Senior Energy Trader

Senior Energy Trader Andrew gives us a look into what it’s like to be at the centre of Australia’s transitioning energy landscape in one of the industry’s most dynamic and fast-paced work environments.

Meet Andrew

Phoebe Macintosh - Manager, Commercial and Industrial Operations

Shell Energy prides itself on market-leading service and expertise that helps our customers achieve their energy objectives. Meet Phoebe, who leads our Commercial and Industrial Operations team at the forefront of cutting through complexity for our customers to ensure they receive the service they deserve.

Meet Phoebe

Baz King - Business Analysis Practice Lead & Planning Manager

Baz King, Shell Energy’s Business Analysis Practice Lead & Planning Manager, shares why collaboration across the business helps to power progress, and the variety a career in IT offers.

Meet Baz

Elaine Lee - Manager, Compliance

Elaine Lee, Shell Energy’s Manager, Compliance within our Regulatory Affairs team, shares why authenticity is important to her as a leader and the important role of compliance in supporting our team and customers to navigate the energy transition.

Meet Elaine
Vanessa Milne

Vanessa Milne - Corporate HSEQ Manager

Corporate HSEQ Manager Vanessa Milne talks about her journey from paramedic to a role where she drives the proactive behaviours that keep our staff safe.

Meet Vanessa