Meet Elaine Lee

Manager, Compliance

Elaine Lee, Shell Energy’s Manager, Compliance within our Regulatory Affairs team, shares why authenticity is important to her as a leader and the important role of compliance in supporting our team and customers to navigate the energy transition.

Tell us about your role at Shell Energy?

I lead the Regulatory Affairs Compliance team. We drive the Compliance Framework at Shell Energy to meet our obligations under national and various state-based energy laws, privacy laws and the Australian Consumer laws. We also have an oversight and advisory role within the business.

What does a day in your team look like?

Whilst we report to the regulators on many reporting requirements and manage green schemes, we could also be running internal compliance reviews, providing regulatory advice or conducting compliance training. We regularly interact with both external and internal stakeholders – it is always a busy day!

Why did you choose Regulatory Affairs as a career path? What interests you most about it and what’s challenging?

Everyone, to a certain level, knows the importance of compliance. Imagine driving on a road without rules – how chaotic and dangerous that would be! Now, translate that same concept to running a business; the idea is the same. We need rules and regulations in the way we operate so everyone knows what is expected of them.

However, these rules and regulations are not often easy to understand, let alone apply in the real world. Our role is to help the business understand what those rules are. Personally, I feel fulfilled and honoured to be able to help the business navigate the complex rules, and knowing that we are helping the business avoid the consequence of non-compliance, which could impact our team, customers, reputation or financial performance. Remember, it takes years to build one’s image and brand, but only seconds to break and forever to repair.

What’s it like to work here at Shell Energy?

I have worked in a number of large organisations and although Shell Energy is a large company too, it never loses focus on its employees. You get recognised when you do a good job and supported when you are struggling. We have many touchpoints with our leaders and are regularly kept abreast of the company’s vision, so you know what you are working to achieve in a bigger picture sense. In my immediate circle of colleagues, you will not find a nicer bunch than this!

What’s most important to you as a leader?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. What keeps coming to mind as most important to me is authenticity – not just as a leader but as a person. You can’t be a good leader if you are not honest or true; people can see through that very easily. When you are authentic, you can lead truthfully, admit to your mistakes and failures, and inspire others through your own journey as a leader. A leader never stops learning. At Shell Energy, I am fortunate to have found such great leaders to look up to.

How does Shell Energy’s flexible working approach support you?

Shell Energy is great at promoting flexibility. It really helps cut out the long commute to work and saves quite a bit of time! I’ve also taken up running in the morning before work, one thing that I would never have the time for if not for work flexibility!

Can you share with us your passions outside of work?

I bake whenever I can as it is my creative outlet. I bake things that are technically difficult to master, as I enjoy the challenge and the “success” in the end. I also enjoy the focus that I can put into my baking and I am often doing this late at night when everything that requires my attention is done. I sometimes surprise my colleagues with the end results!

Why are you excited about the future of energy?

Energy is always evolving. Energy didn’t always garner the amount of attention from the government or the public, that it does now. It used to be just an essential service. Now people have started to explore the various ways of accessing energy and even more so, demanding cleaner energy for the environment. At Shell Energy, we listen to our customers and I am excited about the future of where this is going and excited that I can be a part of it.