Energy solutions to deliver your business energy goals

At Shell Energy, we take holistic approach to energy management. We’ll help you make the right energy productivity choices to deliver on your business energy goals, as well as maximise your return on investment.  We use our engineering capabilities, advanced data analytics, project implementation experience and technical expertise to create a comprehensive assessment of energy opportunities for your business. 

Optimisation and commercialisation of assets

  • Lower energy consumption through the upgrade of equipment to incorporate controls
  • Deliver demand management, load shifting and load flexibility solutions, including participation in demand response programs that reduce energy costs and generate revenue
  • Lower energy consumption and associated costs by optimising existing equipment and processes; and analysing life cycle costs to maximise ROI from energy efficiency projects

Decarbonisation solutions and engineering

  • Reduce energy price exposure through the right fuel mix, innovative contracting options and optimising load profile
  • Better utilise and optimise energy usage through fuel switching, electrification and energy recovery
  • Design solutions to deliver on emissions and/or renewables targets
  • Identify opportunities and design energy reduction plans, audits, energy roadmaps, feasibility studies
  • Design solutions to minimise downtime through engineering design and solution implementation

Data solutions, measurement and verification

  • Optimise energy performance through ongoing review of energy and process data with our Energy Management Centre (EMC)
  • Offer full suite of measurement and verification services
  • Create energy efficiency certificates (Environmental Certificates, inc. VEECs, STCs)

Energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector

Learn how you can start reducing consumption, cost and emissions with our energy efficiency guide for Australian manufacturing businesses.

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Engineering and project delivery

Informed by your detailed energy data, Shell Energy uses advanced analytics, proprietary market data and our engineering and project delivery capabilities to create a comprehensive assessment of your energy opportunities and how they should be delivered.

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Project Delivery
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Certificates and Funding

Explore the many options available to help fund your next energy efficiency or carbon reduction project. Let one of our energy market experts help you navigate Australia’s environmental certificate schemes to maximise the value of your energy investments.

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Energy Management Centre (EMC)

Drive process efficiencies, maximise value on your investments and reach your energy goals sooner with our full-service EMC solution. Benefit from a Shell Energy engineer assigned to your account, backed by our full-service energy software.

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Get in touch with an energy expert 

Our energy experts in the manufacturing sector have the experience and expertise to help you reach your energy and sustainability goals.