Access innovative energy solutions

We make it easier for you to take control of your energy usage to meet your commercial and sustainability goals and make your business more resilient.

Utilising our energy expertise and market insights, we work closely with you to optimise energy efficiencies, drive cost savings and advance your future-facing goals like net-zero emissions.

Choose Shell Energy for innovative energy solutions that are tailored to your business and can help you reduce consumption, cost and emissions. 

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Productivity Solutions

Make your energy more productive with Shell Energy. We have the engineering and energy expertise and end-to-end project solutions to shape a more resilient energy future for your business.

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Certificates and Funding

Offset the cost of your next energy project with environmental certificates and grants, and access other finance options.

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Tracking and Monitoring

Access your energy data to gain powerful insights that will help you unlock energy and cost savings.

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Demand Response

Take advantage of demand management opportunities by reducing your energy usage at optimal times to create additional revenue and reduce your energy costs.

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Industry expertise

Read about our industry expertise
  • Manufacturing

    With our expert advice, uncover plant efficiencies, improve demand management and find the right technologies for better energy management.

  • Retail

    We can help you lower your energy consumption, improve efficiencies and meet your environmental targets and responsibilities.

  • Property

    We work with many of Australia’s largest commercial property owners. Find out how we can help you improve asset productivity and value, unlock new revenue streams and improve energy efficiency.

  • Government

    Our government clients rely on high-value, proven energy solutions to consume less energy, maximise environmental outcomes and demonstrate value for money.

  • Water and Waste

    Let us help you take control of your energy efficiency, improve productivity and asset value, and advance your emissions goals.

Energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector

Learn how you can start reducing consumption, cost and emissions with our energy efficiency guide for Australian manufacturing businesses.

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