Energisation and Re-energisation Timeframes

In the event of an existing connection, Shell Energy will request your distributor to energise and provide customer connection of the premises as soon as practicable after the formation of a relevant contract between yourself and Shell Energy in accordance with Rule 79 of the National Energy Retail Rules. To view the relevant legislation, click here.

Re-energisation after disconnection

a) We must request your distributor to reconnect your premises if, within 10 business days of your premises being disconnected:

(i) you ask us to arrange for reconnection of your premises; and

(ii) you rectify the matter that led to the disconnection; and

(iii) you pay any reconnection charge (if requested).

b) We may terminate this contract 10 business days following disconnection if you do not meet the requirements in paragraph (a).

c) If you have a remotely read meter, reconnection of the supply of electricity to your premises may occur remotely.

Note for South Australian customers

There are additional specific rules for South Australian customers in relation to re-energisation. To view the relevant South Australian Legislation, click here.

Note for ACT customers

Shell Energy is required to abide by the ACT Reconnection Standard. To view the relevant ACT Legislation, click here.