Meet Guillaume Leroux

Agile Delivery Lead

Agile Delivery Lead Guillaume Leroux talks about the parallels of skippering a yacht in an offshore race and his role in the Digital and Technology Solutions team at Shell Energy.

Guillaume Leroux

What is your role at Shell Energy?

As a delivery lead at Shell Energy, my role is to create an environment where my team will thrive and deliver value. We are currently enhancing the customer portal which is particularly exciting as it directly contributes to the great experience we want to offer to our customers.

Why Shell Energy?

A friend who has been working here for years recommended I should apply for the role. He said the culture was great and that the growth strategy would create a lot of opportunities. He was right!

What is it like to work here?

There is always plenty to do and everyone is very committed. There is a great feeling of being part of a team where everyone supports each other to deliver the best outcomes for the company and for our customers.

You’re an avid sailor. How do you find the time to balance your passion for sailing with work?

The beauty of living in Melbourne is that you can have an exciting and fulfilling career and ride your bike down to the marina. After 10 years, I am still finding it amazing and every time I ride to the marina, I think how lucky we are to live in such an incredible environment.

What lessons from the world of sailing can be applied to your work at Shell Energy?

There are a lot of parallels between skippering a yacht in an offshore race and my role at Shell Energy. You need a plan to know where you are going but you also need to constantly adapt as the conditions change.

You also need to build trust within your team. You need them to trust you when you make a call that will require them to get physically exposed, for example, to change a sail in heavy seas and wind. You also need to fully trust your team so you can focus on important tasks, including sleeping.

I could also talk about safety, how to leverage data to improve performance, risk management and building a team… sailing has a lot in common with what we do every day!

What excites you about the future of energy?

I feel like what we’ve been talking about for more than 10 years is finally becoming a reality. The transition to a decarbonised economy is now well in progress and is becoming a must do for more and more organisations.

Here at Shell Energy, we are building the commercial, technical and digital capabilities to support them in their journey. I am quite excited and proud to be a part of this.

What would you say to someone considering a career with Shell Energy?

If you are passionate about the energy transition and if you enjoy a fast-paced environment—come and join us. Things are moving quickly and we need lots of talent to help us build the energy of the future. Shell Energy will also support your career development and offer a lot of opportunities.

Photography credit: Dave Hewison

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