Meet Ben Pryor

Leading the change: Ben Pryor’s shaping a better energy future but family comes first

Big challenges require big solutions. Our challenge? To energise a better future, one customer at a time. At the heart of this endeavour is Ben Pryor, Shell Energy’s regulatory affairs policy adviser. Ben’s critical advice on energy policy enables our customers to understand the complexities and the opportunities of transitioning to a net-zero world. It’s a challenging, purpose-driven career, and it’s one where Ben’s role as a devoted dad always comes first.

Making an impact, at work and home

Ask Ben Pryor what matters to him most, and his answer is two-fold: doing meaningful work that helps position Shell Energy as an industry leader and being present with his family.

As Shell Energy’s Regulatory Affairs Policy Adviser, Ben’s achieving both.

Ben fulfils a key role within Shell Energy. By analysing energy policy and regulatory change, he ensures we remain agile, contribute to industry reform, and provide our customers with the most innovative and low-carbon energy solutions.

“Professionally, I get a real sense of accomplishment knowing I’m doing something that ultimately helps people,” Ben says. “Personally, what matters to me is family. One of the great things about Shell Energy is they’ve supported me to work part-time for the past four years so I can spend one day a week with my kids. I get to watch them grow up and spend that one-on-one time with them. I really value that.”

Tackling complex issues and reform

It may seem like an odd combination: a double degree in arts and science, majoring in earth sciences and French, plus a master’s degree in French translation. In fact, this unique study mix helped hone Ben’s ability to make complex information accessible to others – a core skill for people in roles like Ben’s.

“Translation is all about taking a message and making it understandable for a different audience, which is what I do now, in a sense,” Ben says. “We take technical or big picture ideas and make them accessible to regulators.”

Ben began his career within federal and state governments, providing policy advice on climate change issues relating to agriculture. After four years at an energy industry body, Ben was ready for a new challenge. He seized the opportunity to advance his career in the private sector, joining Shell Energy in 2016.

The business has undergone exhilarating growth ever since, and Ben is excited to be part of Shell Energy’s mission to break new ground as we help our customers thrive through the energy transition.

“Shell Energy has a global outlook. We’re part of an international company with a pool of global resources to tap into. That sets us up as a real source of trusted knowledge and advice for customers and the energy industry in Australia.”

“I enjoy coming up with solutions to complex problems. I also like a well-crafted piece of writing. If I’ve written a submission with a strong case that’s argued well, and some of our ideas are accepted by regulators and governments, that gives me a sense of pride. I like having the opportunity to make positive change in the industry.”

Making the difference count

When he’s not immersed in the world of regulatory and policy change, Ben’s a keen baker, keeping his family and colleagues well fed with French pastries and his signature sweet treat – honeycomb! He also enjoys running, and works from home two days a week, which means he can do the daycare and kindy runs for his two children.

Ben’s optimistic about Shell Energy’s vision of a low-carbon energy future and looks forward to making even more meaningful change with us.

And if you’d like to help us lead the transition to a net-zero world? Ben offers the following advice for a successful career at Shell Energy:

  1. “Think about the broader impact of your work, whether that’s on your customers or the business’s broader future. Thinking that extra step ahead certainly makes a big difference.”
  2. “It helps if you’re willing to put in that bit extra – not necessarily in terms of time but in terms of effort. The focus here is on the quality of work we produce for greater long-term results.”
  3. “Just be yourself. At Shell Energy, there’s a real openness and acceptance of people for who they are. You can come in, be genuine, and you’ll be valued.”

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