How energy engineers extract energy value and maximise efficiencies in large businesses

Want to use energy more efficiently as well as drive down emissions? Get an energy engineer on the case.

Energy engineers develop solutions that improve energy consumption, informed by research and design. This can include developing enterprise-wide energy roadmaps to coming onsite to recommend smarter ways to operate your existing plant and equipment. Energy engineers keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and programs and can make recommendations on the latest solutions to incorporate in your planning.

1. Consulting on the right energy solutions for your business

Energy engineers work closely with customers to understand their businesses and their decarbonisation goals, comprehensively reviewing your energy ecology to understand how assets, such as plant, equipment and machinery, are consuming energy. They then design a plan to ensure your energy efficiency projects are costed and implemented and installed in a way that helps supports your objectives while remaining cost-efficient.

Energy engineers can also play an important role in helping to develop business cases, by translating the technical detail into simple, actionable information that can help get a project across the line. Energy engineers can help to strengthen the development of your business case by recommending a financial matrix that balances any financial limitations with your business’ energy efficiency goals.

2. Identifying and securing opportunities to reduce project costs through environmental certificates

Environmental certificates can play an important role in helping large businesses reduce the costs of energy efficiency projects. There are state and federal schemes that generate certificates for businesses that implement solutions such as solar installation, mechanical equipment, boiler, oven or furnace upgrades. The different types of environmental certificates include:

Identifying which projects are eligible to create environmental certificates, the type of certificates that can be created and the value of these certificates can help your business get started faster. Environmental certificates can help reduce the cost of implementing an energy efficiency project as the installer of your project may offer a rebate or reduced price in return for the certificates generated. Certificates can also be sold after creation or you can keep them or purchase additional certificates – an energy engineer can help devise the best strategy for your business.

To be eligible for certain environmental certificate schemes, such as ACCUs, energy savings or abatement must be independently measured and audited. Energy engineers can help ensure your business is complying with scheme requirements.

Measuring your energy baseline before implementing an energy upgrade typically involves an on-site inspection of your plant, equipment and machinery and reviewing the data from these sources to identify what is functioning well and what could be optimised for greater energy efficiency and to generate environmental certificates.

To learn more about Environmental Certificates schemes, watch this short explainer video from our Wholesale Energy Trading Team here:

3. Monitoring your energy data and identifying opportunities for further energy efficiency

Energy engineers can install sub-meters to accurately measure and record energy consumption by specific items of plant and equipment at short, regular intervals. This level of detailed consumption data makes it possible to see patterns of energy use that would otherwise be challenging to detect with only regular metering data, giving energy engineers the information required to identify opportunities for further energy efficiency improvements.

Energy engineers can also help large businesses to identify and track energy performance by capturing, analysing and displaying metering data in a way that provides clear visibility and the ability to report on your energy performance with ease.

Data analysed by energy engineers can not only help to identify opportunities for energy efficiency and cost reduction but also to give your business the ability to track and verify the calculated energy savings from upgrading equipment are achieved.

Maximise your energy value by working with an energy engineer

Our expert energy engineers are uniquely positioned to help large businesses uncover energy inefficiencies in their business and to help achieve their carbon reduction goals, by drawing on their understanding of the wholesale energy market and advances in energy technology.

To learn more about the value our energy engineering team could provide to your business on its energy efficiency journey, get in touch here.

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