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Replace your emissions with lower carbon sources to power your business to net zero

When considering the many different approaches your business can take on its path to net zero, the typical carbon management approach suggests a sequenced 3 – pronged approach: reducing emissions, replacing emissions (with lower carbon energy sources) and offsetting emissions.

However, every organisation’s situation is different. All three available emissions options should be considered and incorporated into planning your net-zero journey.

Replacing emissions can be as simple as sourcing more renewable energy options when contracting for your energy, planning for your own on-site renewable energy generation like rooftop solar, or adopting low carbon technologies, such as EV fleet charging.

Explore the renewable energy technologies that help replace your current emissions with lower, or no carbon, energy sources.

  • Renewable energy contracting

    Solar, wind or hydro power options that provide reliable energy solutions.

  • On-site renewable energy

    Rooftop and ground-mount solar PV, integrated PV systems for your site, and solar thermal heating.

  • Green hydrogen

    A relatively new fuel source created by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable electricity.

  • Bioenergy

    Renewable energy generated from the conversion of biomass into electricity, heat, liquid fuels, and biogas.

  • Geothermal energy

    Energy from the heat of the Earth used for electricity generation, heating and drying.

  • Battery energy storage

    Utilising batteries with renewable energy generation allows energy stored to be released at times of peak demand or when required.

  • Electric vehicles and infrastructure

    Software and hardware solutions can electrify your fleet and provide lower carbon solutions for your e-mobility needs.

  • Certificate generation

    Large-scale generation and small-scale technology certificates provide organisations with a financial incentive to invest in renewable energy systems.

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Discover other ways we can help you reach net zero:


More efficient equipment, comprehensive energy monitoring and management, and more effective technologies all help to reduce emissions. We select the most suitable options for you from our suite of energy solutions.


We can source carbons credits from a mixed portfolio of Australian and carefully chosen, verified international projects. Talk to us about carbon credits and our nature-based solutions.

How energy efficient is your business?

Understanding where your organisation is at in terms of its energy management maturity is important when planning for the universal challenges to reach net zero.

Take this quiz to determine where your energy management plans align with your organisation’s existing priorities, available systems, and its targets for reaching net zero.

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