Funding Your
Energy Transition

Explore the options to kickstart your energy journey.

Many Australian businesses are delivering energy projects to drive energy cost savings and reduce emissions. However, competing priorities for capital allocation and business cases that don’t meet internal hurdle rates of return can cause some energy projects to be delayed.

This is why it’s important to explore the options available to help you get your next energy project over-the-line and accelerate your decarbonisation plans.

Various options, including government grants, tradeable certificates, co-financing packages, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and on-bill financing are available to help fund your energy transition.


This paper covers the range of funding and finance options available when planning for your organisation’s net-zero journey.

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Environmental certificates

Be rewarded for undertaking energy-saving projects that reduce your electricity consumption and improve energy efficiency.

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Tips for recontracting

Considering switching business energy providers or hunting for the best deal? A word to the wise: lock in the best possible terms by thinking green and assuming nothing.

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Funding energy efficiency projects

Explore whether finance, environmental certificate schemes or government grants may be available for your energy efficiency projects.

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