Information you need to take control of your energy

Energy has become a key strategic issue for today’s commercial and industrial business leaders. In the changing energy landscape, having access to wholesale energy market information and understanding your own site usage can be invaluable to strategic planning.

Price volatility, regulatory uncertainty and new technologies have brought new options that can provide a competitive advantage, from basic cost control and compliance through to operational performance, productivity and corporate social responsibility.

Before organisations can develop a plan for energy management, they need a clear view of the value of energy and its impact across the enterprise. Primarily, they need information about their own energy usage and supply and how it relates to the wholesale energy market, and an understanding of the evolving opportunities available to them.

We’ve compiled a list of essential information today’s energy managers need to take control of their business energy:

    • an understanding of peak demand tariffs and access to demand alerts;
    • a clear view of general energy usage for your sites throughout the day;
    • details of solar feed-in tariffs and how much is going back to the grid;
    • the ability to monitor usage and bills over time;
    • 24/7 access to data; and
    • the ability to schedule regular, tailored reports.

Your energy retailer should be able to provide all of the information that’s relevant to you, and should be able to offer a way for you to stay up to date throughout the life of your contract. You should also have access to actual energy data in order to view detailed consumption and demand at any time.

Shell Energy’s dedicated account management, energy market expertise and consistent client focus makes us No. 1 in customer satisfaction1.

Information is power, and Shell Energy’s approach means your energy management strategy will be built with the best advice in the business, for your business.

For more information on how Shell Energy can help you take control of your business energy, talk to your energy advisor or contact us.

1 Utility Market Intelligence (UMI) survey of large electricity customers of major electricity retailers by independent research company NTF Group in 2021.

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